Protecting Your Phone

Real answers on how to protect your phone from costly repairs.
2:47 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for Protecting Your Phone
How many -- -- are walking around like me with an iPhone busted two weeks now they've been making fun -- me in the newsroom and we ask you to send us pictures of your cracked screens and listen everyone I'm not alone Americans have spent six billion dollars on replacement since 2007 and that's just on iphones. So we came up with a simple challenge here ABC's do you -- is with real answers on how to protect your phone. Each completely shattered so you've just spent 200 bucks on a new phone one of about a billion sold every year. And -- -- -- you are not alone turns out there are a slew of products out their promising to keep them safe. -- -- -- -- -- -- And a slew of people on line there is pushing them to the limit -- let's go ahead and do it to find a true safe way to protect your vote. So we decided to get some real lancer. And take a look at one of the more rural programs. The otter box there waterproof case which says a phone will survive in water for up to thirty minutes. Cost almost ninety dollars so this is the otter box preserver I'm gonna trust my iPhone with that to. To put it to the -- To make it interesting we're gonna put it up against this a ten dollar -- case sold everywhere. Just want the school test. Everything still seems to be working. On both boats they both survived the fruitless -- to -- dunk contests. Here ago they sat there for five seconds and remember that -- -- case never promised to be waterproof. The -- box work. The -- days not so much we take the test outside the auto box promises to protect from fall up to six point six feet. Check -- out the phone is blind and he'll face. Flying to all right ten dollar greatest next we go beyond -- -- boxes. Explains the ultimate cell phone nightmare driving over your phone. While it looks like it's okay even the cases for him. Would get a load of this ten -- -- No way. -- her off it. The -- there's nothing we can do the -- for a vote if if in fact you're so surprised by that joke case. We tossed it around and still nothing is wrong. -- before you think it's the phone that is indestructible we took all cases solved. Don it's better. We get calls about the crazy man in Central Park Hillary is just idea testing -- that you say it's all but the educate us what you want to make sure that the edges higher than the screen so that when it hits the pavement of the floor. It's the -- hitting it and not that screen -- you know what David. Any case is better than no case at all any case all right Jim thanks.

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{"id":23982532,"title":"Protecting Your Phone","duration":"2:47","description":"Real answers on how to protect your phone from costly repairs.","url":"/WNT/video/protecting-phone-23982532","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}