Protests and Scenes of a Divided Nation

President-elect Trump changes his tune on protesters, praising their "passion" after decrying them on Twitter.
3:25 | 11/11/16

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Transcript for Protests and Scenes of a Divided Nation
There are more protests already under way they're sending a message about the election but there's a message being sent back tonight. Did all of those protesters turn out to vote. Tonight Hillary Clinton's lead in the popular vote continues to grow and while it fuels soul searching for millions it will not change the outcome. Democrats must now ask where did they go wrong where their middle class Americans midst here's ABC's Jim but he has. Tonight outside Hillary Clinton's one time campaign headquarters in Brooklyn. Messages written in chalk messages like always with her you inspire me and think UH RC. Clinton won the popular vote by nearly half a million votes and that number could go higher and it's what's driving some of those protests against the president elect Donald Trump. But about those protests around the country tonight there are questions did all of those protesters vote. If no one heard a wind so badly you should to have that kind of enthusiasm before Tuesday night but she didn't and that's how Dallas. There is also another driving factor to the outcome the white working class were Clinton fell short. Many of those same voters Bill Clinton once won over a group whose support grew for Hillary Clinton when she was senator. But this time the majority of white working class voters concerned about jobs and who want to change turned to trump. Added Monday. You want to change something deep body thing that we needed Christians were I think that America must get back to its value. Who is it was the election outcome filmmaker Michael Moore had been predicting for months warning of those who have felt left behind. More today pointing to Michigan a state still not colts. I voted for are in for her she lost 111000 votes in Michigan 90000 machine he Enders. Voted voted. Voted for every office in every ballot proposal on both sides in the ballot. And refused to vote for now present time wideout couldn't vote for trump. Right they knew that was wrong but me they were not going to participate. In this in what they saw as does a system. Now that had had had left them forgotten and it made. These are some of the same voters Bernie Sanders courted. Now saying trump must keep his promise what we have got to demand I think is that mr. trump keep the promises. That he made to working families senator Elizabeth Ward was asked if she's talked to Hillary Clinton yes. I was. Good. Look it's homered. It's really hard and she worked hard she just hand. 25 years of public service. Longer that has been the defining. Feature of her life. And this is hard. Tonight LeBron James who stood on that stage with Hillary Clinton just five days ago now with a message about moving forward and heal. And David with the growing popular vote there's an online petition with about three million signatures asking the Electoral College to cast their votes for Clinton that's unlikely but Democrats will be looking at why they lost. That white working class vote. David Cuban leaders would us tonight GO thank you.

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{"id":43479324,"title":"Protests and Scenes of a Divided Nation","duration":"3:25","description":"President-elect Trump changes his tune on protesters, praising their \"passion\" after decrying them on Twitter. ","url":"/WNT/video/protests-scenes-divided-nation-43479324","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}