Putin calls Russia collusion 'made-up spy mania'

The Russian leader commented on Trump's presidency and praised its accomplishments.
1:30 | 12/14/17

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Transcript for Putin calls Russia collusion 'made-up spy mania'
Next here, the white house revealing that president trump spoke with Russian president Vladimir Putin today. At Putin's end of year news conference in Moscow, she was asked by our chief foreign correspondent about what he thinks about president trump's first year in office. How he responded to our Terry Moran. Reporter: The Putin press conference, an annual spectacle, 1,600 reporters, hours of q&a. We made our way inside this morning. Putin arriving to a fanfare, calling on reporters, many waving home made signs. And then we got called on. ABC news, please. What is your assessment of Donald Trump as president after one year? Reporter: His answer echoing president trump's own claims. "Objectively," he said, "We see some serious achievements accomplished during the short span he is president, look at the markets how they've grown. This attests to the trust investors show in him." I followed up on the connections investigators have uncovers between the trump campaign and Russians close to the Kremlin. How do you explain it to Americans? "You know all of this has been unvented, made up by people who are in opposition to president trump," Putin said, adding a parting shot, "It's all just spy mania." And Putin took a shot at Americans who suspect Russia did come collude with the trump campaign, accusing them of disrespecting trump's voters. He said he hoped trump normalizes relations with Russia soon. David? Terry Moran with us tonight. Terry, thank you.

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{"id":51800949,"title":"Putin calls Russia collusion 'made-up spy mania'","duration":"1:30","description":"The Russian leader commented on Trump's presidency and praised its accomplishments. ","url":"/WNT/video/putin-calls-russia-collusion-made-spy-mania-51800949","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}