Queen Elizabeth Sent to Hospital

Doctors keep close watch on 86-year-old battling possible stomach flu.
2:07 | 03/03/13

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Transcript for Queen Elizabeth Sent to Hospital
Queen Elizabeth is in the hospital doctors believe she's battling the stomach flu added 86 years old I wanna keep a close -- -- -- It comes after a busy week for the queen among -- events officially opening a new hospital in London just days ago but for now all appearances are on hold. This evening in London there is already an outpouring of concern for her well being and ABC's Jeffrey -- -- leads us off at that hospital in London tonight Jeffrey. David aquinas spending the night in this private hospital she will be under close observation but the palace emphasizes. She was admitted simply as a precaution. Okay. -- a stomach illness that has put the queen in the hospital her spokesman insists it's not serious but the queen is 86 years old -- arrived here not by ambulance but by car. For public appearances for most of the next week have been canceled including a trip to Rome. In her six decades as Britain's queen. Elizabeth the second has spent more time all putting hospitals and being admitted to them he rarely cancels any of the 350 events. On her yearly schedule and when she has. It's -- because of a bad -- -- back pain. -- hospital in 2003 for the surgery. Her husband Prince Philip -- 91 and understandably a little more frail. -- for the Springfield appearance for the -- if he if you believe he was admitted to the hospital with a urinary infection. He had heart surgery in 2011. Since then he has scaled back its public appearances. But the queen has not just last summer at the Olympic opening ceremonies she made her appearance with James -- -- her escort. It was a body double jumping from the proper but -- field -- show. She's -- patient -- king Edward the seventh private hospital the hospital of choice for the royals. This same hospital with the center of a media storm late last year -- the duchess of Cambridge was admitted with severe morning sickness. Nurse here committed suicide after answering -- phone call. The queen is expected to spend two nights at this hospital but doctors say if she really does just have a stomach virus she could recover quickly.

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{"id":18643881,"title":"Queen Elizabeth Sent to Hospital","duration":"2:07","description":"Doctors keep close watch on 86-year-old battling possible stomach flu.","url":"/WNT/video/queen-elizabeth-hospital-18643881","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}