Raging wildfires continue to blaze across the West

Firefighters work endlessly to fight off the expanding wildfires, which have been active for several days and ravaging all across California.
2:33 | 08/11/18

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Transcript for Raging wildfires continue to blaze across the West
And he'll fight to clear his name. O the ragi wildfires in test. More than a dozen burninross lifornia ane. Firefighters working feverishly to savmes. That snapshot of a torchlock in ring telli a story. So homes mirulously spa and other families now retni to notng but ash C'us Moore on the new threat tonight. Repor, on the front lines of the holy fire here in la elsinore,n sout california air drop after ai flames dangerouy close toilliam Collins' home. He's seeing it tight for the rst time S eg. Jt walk away and to moth. Rorter: Grabbing water hosesoard off themes, helping es of firefighters in their around the clock barying to end this Ty. Reporter: The fire work of aalsonist now bend bars, ale contaid. At least 14 large fires bug acs California, nildfires eruptingo the north. Theired over the ridge down here. We've never seen it this bad. Teies leavininmoment's nice. Grab E first ha D most valuable things to us th tn just burn. Reporte and theelentless historic Carr fire, unedictable destruction. One side of neighbor reduced to a, the otheuched by T flames. And whit, this be is still under way. Just Behme here, Y can see they aontinuing D flame rerdant on these flames th flared this afteoon Ong these hi ey this fire from spreading. S Moore, T you. Om fires tthe west T flash floods in the east. Stoal downpours from Virginia to Massachusetts, newk city skylinhered in dark clouds. In that time right there. ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano in central park Toni ro more hea rain in areas that don't neetee are satud in centra park, already a record rair E as you canee it's S raining here. We have ongoing flood warning in a of new jsey and pennsylv. Ir 4 inches ra already. Flash fld watches now posted from northern Virginia all the Y up southern neen you see the heavrain through tonight. Baltim gets it the heaviest.ok at Monday, more heavy rairo the rtheast.that coverage beginning to spread out. Mentioned, this is over eas that de he in more rain over the nt8 hours. Whit? Weteee east. Rob, thank you. Moving on to that major court viory for

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Firefighters work endlessly to fight off the expanding wildfires, which have been active for several days and ravaging all across California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57142941","title":"Raging wildfires continue to blaze across the West","url":"/WNT/video/raging-wildfires-continue-blaze-west-57142941"}