Raising the Costa Concordia to Prepare for Towing

Engineers off the coast of Giglio Island, Italy, try to move a cruise ship that capsized in 2012.
2:15 | 09/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Raising the Costa Concordia to Prepare for Towing
It's something we've never seen before is happening in the sea off Italy -- the Costa Concordia -- ship -- for nineteen months. This was seen after the ship capsized. Each tiny dot a passenger. 32 people lost their lives now that -- cruise ship is coming into focus again ABC's llamas on has all the latest tonight. Spanning 952. Feet long and weighing more than a 100000. Tons about the same as ten -- -- Towers they began the ethnic challenge of lifting the mighty constitute forty -- from its watery grave. Cool day today we've been watching them snow would be raised this Hulk of -- ship which -- at least a 100000. Tons. And we're beginning to see results that you can just make -- A line of Ross that goes around the ship's hull. Where it's being on towards her. More than twice the size of the Titanic recovering this cruise ship is an unprecedented. Feat. Never has a ship this big being -- from the reef where it crashed it must be tilted upright. Using massive chains before it can be -- back to -- Workers have one songs to get this rise and the stakes are high. He bishop behind that it could pull apart the fuels and chemicals on board could -- these -- -- pristine waters. But if today's effort goes wrong the vessel could break apart also forcing an environmental disaster. Almost two years ago the cruise liner was navigating through shallow waters. When it slammed into -- -- ripping open a 230. Foot gash across the hall. -- -- water began flooding the ship and it started tilting. -- images showing passengers scrambling down the -- side. -- they hope to recover the body of -- wager hailed as a hero for giving out his own life jackets and another passenger still miss him. Also on board -- -- the fuels our freezers for the food even ice cream now badly decomposed. And the bags and personal belongings of the 4000 passengers. Will be returned to their rightful owners. If the colossal Costa Concordia doesn't break the hearts. Lama has -- BC news GQ is --

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{"id":20274413,"title":"Raising the Costa Concordia to Prepare for Towing","duration":"2:15","description":"Engineers off the coast of Giglio Island, Italy, try to move a cruise ship that capsized in 2012.","url":"/WNT/video/raising-costa-concordia-prepare-towing-20274413","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}