Recall Roulette: Americans Could Be Driving on Bad, Dangerous Tires

Government investigates fatal crashes involving tire issues.
2:47 | 05/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Recall Roulette: Americans Could Be Driving on Bad, Dangerous Tires
-- word that the National Transportation Safety Board has launched a major investigation into tire safety and issue our own Brian Ross has been tracking it for years. Tires that were supposed to be taken off the road -- the can be a kind of time bomb for the family car. And what if your tires are even older than you know Brian joined forces with ABC stations across the country to bring us this undercover investigation. They don't -- despite a series of recalls there could be millions of unsafe tires still on the road. That's an Alabama business executive Carolyn -- discover too late paralyzed for life. After mechanics installed a recalled tire that one week later blew apart after losing its -- or Cara Parkinson. In the -- is still vibrating in Florida. In undetected recalled tire is blamed by families for the accident earlier this year that killed two church leaders human disease. As these test videos show. Even skilled drivers knowing they are about to lose -- time. Can't keep control when it happened. Now our ABC news investigation has found. That a badly flawed government recall system has kept motorist and retailers in the dark about a hidden danger. They're supposed to be. A process in place to make sure that they know button -- and many cases they they don't and they are still being -- Reporters -- kgo TV in San Francisco were able to buy these three tires under recall from last year for a dangerous defects. After an end in Atlanta. Reporters at WSB TV. Actually bought one of the infamous Firestone tires recalled fourteen years ago after dozens of deaths and -- recalls -- that -- The store's manager later said he did not know that tire and then recalls. But even the tire industry concedes there is a problem we don't wanna see recalled tires -- -- there. Yet they are in addition to recall tires our investigation also found tires for sale that -- as much as ten to fifteen years -- There is no legal age limit but the Big Three auto makers recommend tires older than six years should be replaced. But for consumers to find out how old their tires are. They have to cracker kind of code the tire industry uses showing the production date in these four digits not month and year but weak and years -- -- -- code for the thirteenth week. 2000 in three. I would tire industry says it thinks that's easy for consumers to learn how to read and that in any case they say. There's no need to worry about the age of tires because there's no evidence -- -- present a danger. But now that new federal investigation we'll look into all that and we'll probably -- and about a year to all right great investigation thank you Brian.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Government investigates fatal crashes involving tire issues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23724253","title":"Recall Roulette: Americans Could Be Driving on Bad, Dangerous Tires","url":"/WNT/video/recall-roulette-americans-driving-bad-dangerous-tires-23724253"}