Refugees on a Perilous Journey to Freedom

Thousands of refugees stranded in Greece as they hope to make a long, arduous journey to Germany.
1:45 | 09/09/15

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Transcript for Refugees on a Perilous Journey to Freedom
We turn overseas tonight, and to our reporting on the growing humanitarian crisis across the heart of Europe. Powerful images. Families, small children fleeing violence in their homelands. And this telling image from one of the Greek islands. Life vests there, abandoned by families coming ashore. Tonight, ABC's Dan Harris on that island, with the moment one family gets the news they were desperately hoping for. Reporter: Today, these refugees finished a perilous leg on their journey to freedom. Packing these rickety boats from Turkey, and arriving here on the Greek island of lesbos. This is just an incredible scene. These people, families, have just risked their lives. Everything they own, everyone the love, to cross this narrow strait here to arrive in Greece. The initial elation evaporating quickly for these new arrivals when they realize they are facing a 30-mile walk and then most likely a stay in a squall lid camp like this one, where we met this mom named farwan. Hoping to get her son to Germany for medical help. There's so much misery here. For days, thousands of refugees have been stranded on this island. Waiting to move onto mainland Greece, then up through to Germany. Late Monday night, officials set up this emergency 24-hour processing center to decongest the island. And watch as that mom we met earlier, farwan, finally gets her papers to leave. Moments later, though, as refugees clamored to board a boat -- it's entirely possible somebody could get crushed. -- A reminder that this arduous journey is far from over. Dan Harris, ABC news, on the island of lesbos.

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"Thousands of refugees stranded in Greece as they hope to make a long, arduous journey to Germany.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33615809","title":"Refugees on a Perilous Journey to Freedom","url":"/WNT/video/refugees-perilous-journey-freedom-33615809"}