Refusing to Leave

Diane Stretton former live-in Nanny speaks out.
2:13 | 07/11/14

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Transcript for Refusing to Leave
and a free 30-tablet trial. Next tonight, the woman they call the nightmare nanny. Fired, but she refuses to leave the home. She speaks to nick watt. Reporter: Marcella Bracamonte, a young mom of three from upland, California, says she fired her live-in nanny over a month ago, but the nanny refused to move out. She said, "If you want me to leave then you're gonna need to evict me." And slammed the door in my face. Reporter: Branded the nanny from hell in the media, she says she's really the victim. She refuses to go. Reporter: Her things are still in the Bracamontes house, she still has a key, though not to the now-padlocked fridge. Technically she's a tenant with a legal right, she says, to be there. Now sleeping in her car, and exclusively breaking her silence to ABC news. I was giving them more hours than they were entitled to for the value of the room. They were exploiting me, they just thought they could have me 24/7. Reporter: How many hours were you working? Between 50 and 60. Reporter: The Bracamontes, who were giving stretton room and board but no wage, strenuously dispute that. I would say she probably, a week, maybe ten hours, if that. It was to help out as my wife needed. Nothing was really written down and that's what's biting us in the butt. Reporter: Stretton is no stranger to lawsuits. You've filed a number of cases for medical malpractice, various small claims, personal injury. You know, I mean, I found 20 or more. I mean, you are a vexatious litigant, right? All of those, well, I would strongly disagree with that. Reporter: But, that's what you officially are. Officially I am, but I shouldn't be. Reporter: Why not? Because -- a lot of those cases -- first of all, I won. Reporter: We've been inside the house for this legal stand off between a family and a nanny, that could drag on for months. The lesson you've learned is what? When I get my pension, I'm gonna get a place and live by myself. Reporter: Are you gonna hire another nanny? Never. Reporter: Nick watt, ABC

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{"id":24531514,"title":"Refusing to Leave","duration":"2:13","description":"Diane Stretton former live-in Nanny speaks out.","url":"/WNT/video/refusing-leave-24531514","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}