Released POW's Hometown Remained Hopeful

Officials say Bergdahl will be reunited with his family in Texas, where he will get care at Brooke Army Medical Center.
2:14 | 05/31/14

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Transcript for Released POW's Hometown Remained Hopeful
bergdahl's family, his hometown never giving up. How that town is reacting. Right down to the owner of the local diner who describes the moment they learned their native son was free. ABC's David Wright on that part of the story tonight. Reporter: For five years now this small Idaho town has had yellow ribbons for Bowe bergdahl. Private first class when the Taliban set out this video. He's been promoted twice in captivity. Release me. Please. Reporter: Family back home greeting each new video with mixed emotions relief that the proof of life but concern about the hell he's been in. A father does not leave his son alone on the battle field. I do not live here. I live in Afghanistan. My cell phone is set on Afghan time. My weather is Afghan weather. Reporter: Bow berg dull started growing his own beard in solidarity with his son. He taught himself pashto, too. My son -- if you can hear me, you are part of the peace process. Reporter: Hoping to communicate with his son's Taliban captors. But for his mom these five years have been agony. Bowe, we love you. We support you and eagerly awaiting your return home. I love you, my son, as I have from the first moment I heard of you. With the never-ending unconditional love a mother has for her child. Reporter: Officials say his family will finally get to see him at brook army medical center in Texas. Back home in Idaho, every lamppost has a sign for the annual bring back Bowe rally. So does the coffee shop where he worked as a kid. The reaction there -- Everybody stopped eating and watched. We have a TV up in the corner. Everybody looked and there was some -- a little bit of applause and some cheers. Everybody is real excited about it. Reporter: Turns out the rally won't be cancelled. Everyone is hoping it will be a coming home party. David Wright, ABC news, los Angeles.

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{"id":23944945,"title":"Released POW's Hometown Remained Hopeful","duration":"2:14","description":"Officials say Bergdahl will be reunited with his family in Texas, where he will get care at Brooke Army Medical Center.","url":"/WNT/video/released-pows-hometown-remained-hopeful-23944945","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}