Remembering 'The Dream': Thousands Retrace Historical Steps

Marches head to Lincoln Memorial 50 years after Martin Luther King's famous speech.
2:12 | 08/24/13

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Transcript for Remembering 'The Dream': Thousands Retrace Historical Steps
Tens of thousands of Americans marched on the National Mall to the Lincoln Memorial to remember a dream. It was inspired by this historic march 2 1963. That landmark event in the civil rights movement some fifty years ago. That led to so many changes in today all these years later so many still determined to finish that work. -- they marched again still inspired by those stirring words from Dr. Martin Luther King. But I have a -- It. Quote and Renton. One and then have a name -- -- they might not -- by the public about him but I couldn't come at a bad Aaron Cook. I -- I have a dream speech fifteen years ago this week and tonight here ABC's -- and nine -- But some of those same faces who have returned to the nation's capital. Sixty years after the march they came to retrace their steps to change the country. Is born out of the black churches with a message. Heralded by a minister I have a dream today that dream carried on by his son -- know that daddy -- smiling up above more than 200000 people gathered on that August day. Kathleen Johnson was one of them. This photo capturing the moment after she tumbled into the reflecting pool. Trying to snap a picture. I love and marriage and I wanted to get -- yeah yeah. The camera lost but this image winding up by newspapers the next morning heatedly -- turned twelve the day of the march on Washington. Only five years ago her cousin discovering this photo of her in the back of -- calendar. I was in this -- that live picture. The -- -- calendar event in Dublin and back pain. Fifty years later accompanied by her grandchildren carrying the same manner. And her memories that little girl's face now we created here on the -- at Ben's chili bowl restaurant in Washington DC. While the words on the signs from 1963. Are different today the dream -- -- President Obama said he is a testament to the enormous strides made since the 1963. March. He would deliver a speech right here at the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday.

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{"id":20058357,"title":"Remembering 'The Dream': Thousands Retrace Historical Steps","duration":"2:12","description":"Marches head to Lincoln Memorial 50 years after Martin Luther King's famous speech.","url":"/WNT/video/remembering-dream-thousands-retrace-historical-steps-20058357","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}