Remembering the Fallen

Americans all over the country remember those who died fighting for their country.
2:05 | 05/27/13

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Transcript for Remembering the Fallen
We move on to moments across the country, marking this memorial day as we remember the true meaning of this day. With his hands to his heart, president obama paying tribute to the men and women who have served and have have been lost. Across this country today, we remember, a widio next to her husband's grave in georgia, paying tribute. This man remembering a loved one at arlington national cemetery. Where soldiers were planting flags on too many graves to count. And we are tasked, every one of us, to honor the strength, and the resolve, and the love these brave americans felt for each other and for our country. In boston, the image that gets us every year, the flags on boston common, one flag from every man and woman from mautchedz lost since the civil war. The child holding the american flag, so many young faces remembering the generations before them. Of course, the homecomings made this weekend special. One of our favorites this year, this little girl singing at school. ♪ Sweet land of liberty ♪ just watch her face, stunned, when who shows up. Suddenly it was too much for her to stand there. She runs right into the arms of her father. And on this memorial day, a love story we heard about today, with a brand new chapter just now being written. Laura may davis, here, holding a PHOTO OF HERSELF FROM THE 1940s. Her boyfriend serving in world war ii, he never came home. But nearly 70 years later, walking through a mudsium in new orleans, she spots something, a diary kept by her boyfriend. And in it, words she had never read, but she sees her name. You'll find my life history of my days in the u.S. Marine corps, speaking of love of family, and writing, most of all, my love for laura may, for whom my heart is completely filled. That is simply extraordinary. A love story with a new chapter

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{"id":19267460,"title":"Remembering the Fallen","duration":"2:05","description":"Americans all over the country remember those who died fighting for their country.","url":"/WNT/video/remembering-fallen-19267460","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}