Republicans' and Democrats' Message to the White House; Fix Obamacare

The rush in D.C. to repair the new Healthcare Act as millions of Americans are caught in the middle.
2:32 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for Republicans' and Democrats' Message to the White House; Fix Obamacare
Next we turn to the backlash over the president's proposed fix of the troubled health care web site at the white house today the president feeling the heat meeting face to face with insurance giants. So what happened in that room? Abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tells us. Reporter: Today an embattled president obama met with INSURANCE COMPANY CEOs WHO ARE Unhappy with his latest effort to fix obama care. Many consumers are simply confused. Suzie and jim fenelli of maryland watched the president once again promise to help them, but right now the only thing they are sure of is they got a letter cancelling their health insurance. Right now I'm promised a lot of things, and the only thing i got in my hand is this, and i have to figure it out. Reporter: In an effort to repair his broken prommis that nobody would lose insurance they like, the president said he'd change the rules, allowing people to buy old, preobama care policies for one more year. But what about the fine print? Each state must approve the president's plan, and already some are saying no. Case in point, washington state insurance commissioner, a democrat, says it would destabilize the stator's entire insurance market. That left bill fullner totally out of luck, he got a cancellation notice. Your new plan has more benefits and a different price. Different price. Reporter: Different indeed. The new policy costs nearly twice as much. I feel betrayed. I've always supported the democratic party. And I'm going to be very, very careful before I ever trust another politician again. Reporter: What do you say to bill fullner who trusted what the president said and then finds out it won't apply to him. I'd say what the president said yesterday -- Reporter: Faced now with paying a premium twice as expensive. These cases aren't usually brought in the briefing room. More than half of people who get -- but these people -- you heard the president talk at length about his concern for these people. He's making this fix. Reporter: Today it was voted once again to make fundamental changes to obama care. This time 39 democrats, that's one out of every five democrats in the house voted with the republicanings, and that, diane, despite the fact president obama had issued a veto threat. Jonathan karl, thank you, everyone should know the president's health care fix will be front and center sunday on this week with george stephanopoulos and the roundtable.

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{"id":20906877,"title":"Republicans' and Democrats' Message to the White House; Fix Obamacare","duration":"2:32","description":"The rush in D.C. to repair the new Healthcare Act as millions of Americans are caught in the middle.","url":"/WNT/video/republicans-democrats-message-white-house-fix-obamacare-20906877","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}