Republicans rush to confirm Supreme Court nominee before Election Day

President Trump says he believes SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed “long before election day.”
2:45 | 09/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Republicans rush to confirm Supreme Court nominee before Election Day
Next tonight the supreme court showdown, the Republican rushed to confirm president trump's nominee before election day. President trump heaping praise on judge Amy coney Barrett, the president believes she'll be easily confirmed long before the election day. Joe Biden blasting the president and warning the president is trying to steal away health care. Here's ABC white house correspondent Rachel Scott. Reporter: Tonight, Republicans are in lockstep with the president and on track to confirm his supreme court pick before election day. She is a woman of unparalleled achievement, towering intellect, sterling credential and unyielding loyalty to the constitution. Reporter: The president announcing judge Amy coney Barrett as his nominee in the rose garden eight days after the death of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If confirmed, the 48-year-old would be the youngest justice on the bench. The mother of seven and devout catholic is strongly supported by anti-abortion rights activists and religious conservatives. I clerked for justice Scalia more than 20 year ago, but the lessons I learned still resonate. His judicial philosophy is mine too -- a judge must apply the law as written. Reporter: Barrett was narrowly confirmed to the federal appeals court in Chicago and she's already preparing for a bitter fight. I have no illusions that the road ahead of me will be easy, either for the short-term or the long haul. Reporter: Her confirmation would reshape the court for generations to come and cement a conservative majority. And Democrats argue health care is on the line with the court set to take up a case on the affordable care act, and coverage for pre-existing conditions, just one week after the election. A vote for Amy coney Barrett is a vote to decimate the health care that so many millions of Americans need. Reporter: With the election just 37 days away, in our ABC news/"washington post" poll, the majority of Americans say the next president, and the next senate should decide who fills the seat. While president trump uses his third nomination to fire up his base. We have justice Gorsuch, justice Kavanaugh, and now we have Amy. Reporter: Joe Biden is appealing to Republican senators to "Summon their conscience" and "Do right by the American people" and delay the proceedings. The senate has to stand strong for our democracy. They must not act on this nomination until the American people finish the process they've already begun of selecting their president and their congress. Reporter: Tom, the first hearing expected to take place on October 12th, setting the stage for a final confirmation vote just days before the election. Now to growing unrest in the

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"President Trump says he believes SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed “long before election day.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73280386","title":"Republicans rush to confirm Supreme Court nominee before Election Day","url":"/WNT/video/republicans-rush-confirm-supreme-court-nominee-election-day-73280386"}