Ringing In The New Year

Time square prepares for a party & NYE forecast.
2:27 | 12/31/12

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Transcript for Ringing In The New Year
On this new year's eve, we move onto the countdown, it is on, around the globe it is already the new year. Fireworks in sydney harbor, in fact. A little boy's visit to a temple in tokyo. And messages of happy new year, that hat right there in berlin. And here in new york city tonight, a short time ago, they raised that giant ball that will drop at midnight. Abc meteorologist singer see is there tonight, on the stage of abc's new year's rockin' eve. They do this every year, the americans who brave the weather. What kind of weather will they face this year? Reporter: Unbelievable that they do this. But tonight, not too bad. Temperature now 36. Only going to drop to 34 or 35. But it's going to field like the MID AND UPPER 20s. I have to tell you, it's not going to last. Not for this crowd. They're hot. They are here. So excited to be here. Yeah. This is great. Reporter: They are ready. I'm layered up like you wouldn't believe. Reporter: And 2013 is right around the corner. Who are you most excited to see tonight? Taylor swift. Reporter: Swift, psy and a million people will jam into an area less than a square mile. To keep them all safe -- if you don't move, we're going to move you. Reporter: Thousands of cops. Radiation detectors, heavy weapons teams and security cameras, all secure beneath the radiant rain of a ball, that brilliant orb weighs a whopping 11,875 pounds. It's adorned with 2,688 waterford crystals. That ball will be lowered 141 feet during the 60-second countdown. When you see it on tv, you can't tell all of the little details. But each of the kris tams is different. Exactly. Each of the crystals, and there's 2,688 panels on the actual ball. And this year, the theme is let there be peace. Reporter: One of those peaceful crystals, a special tribute for the first year without dick clark. One of these crystal triangles and we engraved the name of dick clark on it. Reporter: It's right here. He's with us, no matter what. Spectacular to see it up close there. Ginger back with us now. Not just times square ringing in the new year. Americans across the country, so, what do they face tonight? Reporter: It is some of the coldest air of the season for a lot of folks. Go to the map here and show you 1 below for minneapolis. These are temperatures at midnight. One of the warmest, orlando at 60. 47 atlanta. D.C., Right around 40. We're so fortunate. We've had all the holiday storms this week, at least right now, not too bad going into the new year. David? 5 degrees there in denver on the map. We'll check back with you shortly.

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{"id":18104523,"title":"Ringing In The New Year","duration":"2:27","description":"Time square prepares for a party & NYE forecast.","url":"/WNT/video/ringing-year-18104523","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}