Robin Williams Role in 'Good Morning Vietnam' Highlighted

Because of the role as Armed Services Radio DJ, Williams held a special place in many military hearts.
2:14 | 08/11/14

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Transcript for Robin Williams Role in 'Good Morning Vietnam' Highlighted
One of Robin Williams best loved roles was in good morning Vietnam and in pediatric held a special place in the hearts of many men and women in the military and you heard that statement from the president earlier. Saying that Robin Williams gave his immeasurable talent freely in generously to those who needed him most and among them our troops stationed abroad and so whenever -- chief. Global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz Martha you know all too well the gifts he gave to our men and women overseas. He did David and he was so genuine he made an instantaneous. Connection. With our troops he would go on these USO tours and they are riddled torsion flying on a cargo jet -- in the back of the cargo jet. But he wouldn't be tireless at these performances. And what he would do was he would perform in the -- shows where everyone can go see him. But when others were performing he'd sneak away need to go to guard -- he'd go to the dining facility. To visit those soldiers and Marines who weren't able to come to the big show now this moment you're looking at right here. It's called the sound of retreat. Two bugle calls and and then the -- plays as the colors are being lowered the flag is being lowered. Rob Williams actually didn't know what was going on there. He just knew everybody turned his. Turned their backs to him. But you can see he was -- so proud. And so respectful of what ever they were doing. And of course afterwards he made a joke about it about a bad joke about then turning their backs on him and it's the first time -- ever really happened in one of his. Performances the first. I'm an audience would do something like that and in you know Martha and I do as well. He was a large role in -- for -- Bob Woodruff it's charity a close to all of our hearts here and ABC but -- of the things he you know we're talking about earlier was to get to give to veterans as well we're turning. From war not just the men and women serving right now but he did not forget our veterans when they came home. He sure didn't he was there for the first. Stand up for heroes in 2007. To raise money for veterans and -- -- and that connection look at him with those Marines. And wounded Marines he talked about first -- He told them everything you possibly could about himself he wanted to know about them raise money he used humor as therapy. All right -- them our thanks to you tonight.

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{"id":24939580,"title":"Robin Williams Role in 'Good Morning Vietnam' Highlighted","duration":"2:14","description":"Because of the role as Armed Services Radio DJ, Williams held a special place in many military hearts.","url":"/WNT/video/robin-williams-dead-comedians-connection-military-good-morning-24939580","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}