Royal family gathers in Windsor to support Queen Elizabeth

Prince Harry has reportedly arrived in the U.K. as family members, friends and fans continue to mourn Prince Philip's death.
2:34 | 04/12/21

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Transcript for Royal family gathers in Windsor to support Queen Elizabeth
Trevor, thank you. And now to the death of prince Philip, and the emotional tributes from his family and his country. The uk is in a period of national mourning for the husband of queen Elizabeth, who died Friday athe age of 99. The royal family gathering to support the queen. And prince Harry will be reuniting with his family for the first time since revealing deep rifts. Here's Maggie Rulli with more. Reporter: Tonight, as the uk is in official mourning for the man being called the grandfather of the nation, the royal family is gathering around the queen, mourning her beloved husband. Thinking of others before herself, as always. Yes. But she is bearing up. But again it's that wave of affection for him and just the lovely stories, they mean so much. And the tributes have been fantastic. That's really important, and we really appreciate it. Reporter: Prince Philip will have a small family funeral. Just 30 people due to covid restrictions. Even prime minister Boris Johnson has given up his seat to make sure those closest to the late duke can be there. On the list, prince Harry, who has confirmed he will fly to the uk to be here for his grandfather's funeral. But he'll be without his wife Megan, who's pregnant with the second child and has been advised by doctors not to travel. It is the first time he'll be back to the uk since revealing to Oprah the rifts in his family. I think it will be good. Just for Harry and William to talk, just themselves and no pressure of anyone else Reporter: Harry had a particularly close relationship with his grandfather, sharing a love for the military. It was Philip who was a rock for both Harry and William after their mother princess Diana passed away. Now many are hoping his funeral could be the moment the brothers reconnect. This is very much a time when the royal family is united in their grief. I do think that they are very much coming together over this issue to support one another. And Maggie joins us from Buckingham palace. There are reports that Harry is already in the uk? Reporter: Yes, local papers are reporting prince Harry touched down in London this afternoon. But he's going to have to quarantine for at least five days. So linsey, it's unclear exactly what family members if any he'll actually be able to see before the funeral on Saturday. Maggie, thank you. And Maggie will join David Muir for live coverage of the funeral of prince Philip beginning

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Prince Harry has reportedly arrived in the U.K. as family members, friends and fans continue to mourn Prince Philip's death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"77012542","title":"Royal family gathers in Windsor to support Queen Elizabeth","url":"/WNT/video/royal-family-gathers-windsor-support-queen-elizabeth-77012542"}