Sam Nunberg is under scrutiny in the Russia investigation

Nunberg worked for Trump from 2011 to 2015 and was fired from his campaign for posting racist comments on Facebook.
2:36 | 03/10/18

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Transcript for Sam Nunberg is under scrutiny in the Russia investigation
Next to the Russian investigation and the former trump aide who made headlines saying he wouldn't talk to special counsel Mueller's team. Now he's emerging from six hours of testimony before a Washington grand jury. What Sam nunberg is revealing tonight about that courtroom encounter. Here's ABC's Tara Palmeri with that interview. Reporter: Former trump campaign adviser, Sam nunberg, tonight, under the glaring spotlight of the Russia investigation. Testifying for six hours in front of the grand jury. I'm going to be the first one in history to flat-out say I'm not going. Reporter: This, after making headlines with a media meltdown. On Monday, he said on countless cable shows that he would refuse to testify, some questioning his state of mind. Talking to you, I have smelled alcohol on your breath. Well, I have not had a drink. Reporter: Nunberg eventually testified, right after he sat down with us. Do you think it's a witch hunt? No, I don't think it's a witch hunt. There's a lot there there and that's the sad truth. I don't believe it leads to the president. I think it leads possibly to people in the campaign. Reporter: Nunberg worked for trump from 2011 to 2015. He was fired from the campaign for posting racist comments on Facebook. He was later sued by trump for breaking a nondisclosure agreement and the lawsuit was settled. I've never worked with anybody that was unethical there. I just never have. Okay. Reporter: Special counsel Robert Mueller's team questioned nunberg as part of the investigation on whether the trump campaign colluded with Russians to win the 2016 election. Did you know of any contacts between the president and the Russians and do you think that shaped his foreign policy? I think Vladimir Putin, if you look at it objectively, is really taking advantage of the president. Reporter: While nunberg doesn't think trump colluded during the campaign, he is worried about trump's firing of former FBI director James Comey, and if investigators will find out that was done to obstruct the Russia investigation. I'm very worried a lot of people that are being investigated. Reporter: Who are you the most worried about? I'm the most worried about president because he's the president of the United States. All right, Tara joins us from Washington. Sources say Sam nunberg will have to testify again and he has told you he thinks Mueller's team have their sights on some high-level trump adviser. Reporter: That's right, we're hearing that Sam nunberg may be back as many as five times. Based on the prosecutor's questioning, he thinks they're targeting Roger stone, longtime political adviser of president trump. It may be a strategy to pressure stone to give up information on president trump. Tom. Tara, thanks so much. And a programming note tomorrow on "This week," very big show, ABC's Jon Karl goes one-on-one with white house principal deputy press secretary

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{"id":53660792,"title":"Sam Nunberg is under scrutiny in the Russia investigation","duration":"2:36","description":"Nunberg worked for Trump from 2011 to 2015 and was fired from his campaign for posting racist comments on Facebook.","url":"/WNT/video/sam-nunberg-scrutiny-russia-investigation-53660792","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}