San Diego Base-Brawl

Sportsmanship at its worst and what it means for baseball in America.
2:11 | 04/12/13

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Transcript for San Diego Base-Brawl
So, what happened to america's past time? What happened to all those role models? You are about to watch a brawl that broke out at a game in san diego. And it left a pitcher worth nearly $150 million with a broken collarbone. So, abc's paula faris tonight reports in on when a fight on the field goes too far. Reporter: Fans expecting baseball got a base brawl instead. Now he has something to say and look out here. When dodgers pitcher zach brian key hit carlos quentin with a pitch, quentin, who is 50 pounds heavier, charged the mound. This moment of impact now has the dodgers $147 million pitcher sitting on the bench with a broken collarbone. Tried to brace himself but he took the blow. And quentin charging like a bull. Reporter: That fight even spilling into the tunnel after the game. And tonight, fans not happy that greinke could miss the next few months after a million dollar mistake. He is a thug, he needs to go. He needs to be suspended. Reporter: In this game, where the players police themselves, some now questioning if things have gotten out of control. This has got to stop because these guys think being tough is doing this type of thing. That's not being tough. That's being silly. You're making a complete jerk out of yourself and out of the game. Reporter: You couldn't assault your coworker at the office without facing legal drama, so, why can you on the baseball field? Back in 2000, a hockey player was charged with assault with a weapon for this move. marty McOrley smashed donald bra sheer's head with a hockey stick. but McOrley never did time. It's one of the few documented cases where a professional athlete has been sued by a team, or, in this case, a province. But would it ever happen in baseball? As long as it stays on the field, there just seems to be an unwritten rule, certainly in sports, that nothing ever happens about it. Reporter: America's past time could be past the point of being called a gentleman's game. Now, fines and suspensions will be handed out for this brawl and baseball tells us we can expect something soon. And some experts believe the league c an example out of carlos quentin and suspend him for upwards of a month, diane. Okay, thank you.

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{"id":18944894,"title":"San Diego Base-Brawl","duration":"2:11","description":"Sportsmanship at its worst and what it means for baseball in America.","url":"/WNT/video/san-diego-base-brawl-18944894","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}