San Diego Police Release Video of Alfred Olango Shooting

Police fired on him after they say he assumed a shooting stance, they have now admitted that Olango was unarmed.
2:42 | 09/30/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for San Diego Police Release Video of Alfred Olango Shooting
Video released just a short time ago authorities now urging calm and hoping that by releasing it and explaining it that it will help. A deadly police shooting near San Diego we will not show the moment the man falls to the ground. The new video showing police approaching the man he's standing between the officer there and the truck you can barely make him out. They say he took that shooting stance in their words and then they fire. The man's sister is the one who called 911 in the first place she says she told police he had no gun ABC's back up and is in California. That video from a nearby restaurant chilling one officer approaching Alfred a Longo Longo backs away. Then this cruiser pulls in seeming to corner him from the left of the screen you can see his sister approach she's the one who called 911. To get him help because she said he was acting erratically. Until tonight officials had only released this single still image that's decision that they make. Based on being an environment I can't see smell and hear. What those officers are experiencing at the time. In the second video from a cell phone you can -- ago seeming to brace himself police called in eight shooting stance. Four shots were fired and an instant later you can hear his sister's screams. But police acknowledge there was no weapon only this electronic cigarette. We won't show you the moment of the shooting but its aftermath was captured by a feisty broadcast this video life on things. Can hero while ago sister Wheeling. She'd been waiting for that to a ride for nearly fifty minutes I have yet I thought it. That question triggering mostly peaceful protest their reach street nights after holding. They would police. Have prevented them from doing all day long. Our prayers and but early this morning that her client. Dozens of protesters facing down that wall of riot cops police say what bottles were thrown at car windows. Allegedly smashed they moved here. Firing pepper to Trout in arresting five protesters. And back up and would us live tonight that we are told authorities have warned some businesses to close right through the weekend they're obviously concerned about more protests. That's right David officials told me they released that video to try to soothe tensions in El Cajon. But he still very much a city on edge government officials told to take the day off today. And tonight all events including sporting events have been canceled officials saying they're adding extra officers on the street just as a precaution tonight.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Police fired on him after they say he assumed a shooting stance, they have now admitted that Olango was unarmed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42488412","title":"San Diego Police Release Video of Alfred Olango Shooting","url":"/WNT/video/san-diego-police-release-video-alfred-olango-shooting-42488412"}