Saving Big Money on Your Pets

Americans spend $55 billion a year on their pets. Paula Faris has ways to save.
2:56 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Saving Big Money on Your Pets
Enjoy the relief! The real money team is back tonight after last week looking for ways for american families to save money, an average savings of $6,000 that they profiled. We didn't want to forget their pets. Abc's paula faris tonight saving money for the pets as well. Reporter: Reporter: The seversons can't imagine life without their labs. 5-year-old buddy and 3-month-old maverick. But at $50 a week for food, $35 a week on toys and teething treats, grooming costs more than their kids' haircuts, $50. They're spending a fortune on fido. A little over $6,000 a year right now and that's -- ouch. Thanks for telling me. Reporter: Our animal insider said canine costs don't have to put your budget in the dog house. Tip number one, dr. Hanson recommends apps like pet care services. To compare prices of area groomers, dog walkers and animal hospitals. Click on that and it shows you exactly how to get there. Reporter: Tip two for your pedestrian's meds you don't always have to buy from your vet. That markup can hit 160%. To make sure you're getting the best price, go to the good rx pets brand new free website. For just one of buddy's prescriptions we found four vastly different prices. Wow, $27, $31, $26 and $112 for the same description. Reporter: When you are ready to buy consider amazon's subscribe and save. You'll save 15% and they'll deliver for free. By the way, tip number four, next time your family is away, try dogvaca.Com. Dog lovers in your town sign up to pamper pups in their own home. They're about 40% cheaper than a kennel. Finally, tip number five, the cheapest and easiest way to add years to your dog's life is by brushing their teeth daily. If you don't -- it can lead to significant kidney disease, heart failure. Reporter: Adding it all up they saved $1,630 this year. That's a lot of doggy money. Really it can add years by brushing their teeth? Anywhere from two to four years. Hard too believe the vet marks up medicine by that much? 160% sometimes. We reported before that good rx, that wiebsite is a great place for families to go. Good rx pets is another good place to go for the other members of the family. When we come back on the

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{"id":19765628,"title":"Saving Big Money on Your Pets","duration":"2:56","description":"Americans spend $55 billion a year on their pets. Paula Faris has ways to save.","url":"/WNT/video/saving-big-money-pets-19765628","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}