A Scandal Involving Those Closest to the President

New Trouble for the Secret Service, an agency still trying to repair its damaged reputation.
1:28 | 11/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Scandal Involving Those Closest to the President
A new scandal for the secret service. This time an agent assigned to guard the president accused of inappropriate behavior. Abc's junior justice correspondent pierre thomas on this new story tonight. Reporter: Only 19 months after secret service agents were accused of sleeping with prostitutes on a presidential trip to colombia, this is not the headline the agency wanted. Allegations that a supervisor on the president's detail was caught in a less than flattering encounter in a hotel room, literally across the street from the white house grounds. All this despite congressional demands for a change in the agencies culture in the naming of the first ever secret service director. It compromises not only the agent I think but the security of the first family. Reporter: According to sources family with the case, the secret service supervisor met a woman in downtown washington and ended up here, back in her room at the hay adams hotel. She saw his firearm. I think she was concerned about it, so he took the clip out. There was a bullet in the chamber that he took out. Reporter: The woman still asked him to leave. When he left the hotel room, he forgot the bullet. Reporter: Hotel security would not let him to go back up and later found the bullet themselves. No charges were filed, but the secret service was contacted. The agent, identified as ignacio zamora jr has been removed from the president's detail pending a final review. Pierre thomas, abc news r washington.

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{"id":20894474,"title":"A Scandal Involving Those Closest to the President","duration":"1:28","description":"New Trouble for the Secret Service, an agency still trying to repair its damaged reputation.","url":"/WNT/video/scandal-involving-closest-president-20894474","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}