The Senate effort to kill Obamacare before deadline

Republicans are aiming to vote by the end of the month, before Democrats' ability to filibuster legislation kicks back in.
1:57 | 09/19/17

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Transcript for The Senate effort to kill Obamacare before deadline
Next, to capitol hill. The senate, in a last-ditch effort to kill Obama care, but time is running out. They have to get it done by next week, but what does this newest proposal mean for medicaid and for pre-existing conditions? And the Republicans can only afford to lose two senators, so, where does the tally stand tonight? ABC's may B B C's Mary Bruce, back on the hill. Reporter: Are you finally going to get health reform done? Making problem. Reporter: The vice president arriving at the capitol to rally Republicans. His message? Now is the time. Just six working days left for Republicans to overhaul Obamacare with a simple majority vote. The white house tonight is fully onboard. The president's working the phones. All-in. Reporter: The new GOP plan ends Obamacare subsidies and the medicaid expansion. States will get some money to use as they see fit. Here's the choice for America. Socialism or federalism. When it comes to your health care. Reporter: But states could allow insurers to charge more to people with some pre-existing conditions and stop covering certain acceptable health benefits like prescription drugs or maternity care. Republicans can afford to lose just two votes. Senator Rand Paul is already a no, and tonight, more are waivering. We do need to reform the affordable care ability, but we need to do so in a bipartisan, careful way, making sure we understand the consequences. Mary Bruce live from the hill. We heard you report, Republicans can lose to afford just two votes. Senator Collins just then. Already one no. Senator John McCain voted last time. And what about senator murkowski? Reporter: McCain is in a tough spot. His best friend, Lindsey graham, is one of the authors, but McCain does not like this process. He wants bipartisan ship, he wants open hearings. And tonight, he doesn't want to talk about where he stands. And you can see senator Collins waivering in the interview, as well.

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{"id":49963181,"title":"The Senate effort to kill Obamacare before deadline","duration":"1:57","description":"Republicans are aiming to vote by the end of the month, before Democrats' ability to filibuster legislation kicks back in.","url":"/WNT/video/senate-effort-kill-obamacare-deadline-49963181","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}