Severe Storms Pound Country Following Epic Heat Wave

Week-long heat wave moves into torrential rains, flash foods for US.
2:13 | 07/21/13

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Transcript for Severe Storms Pound Country Following Epic Heat Wave
Tonight, across much of the east, high temperatures near 90. Who would have thought that would seem cool? It's relief. The system pushing it out brought extreme weather. Tonight, ginger zee on that and the giant storm in the southwest bringing dangerous floods there, too. Reporter: Tonight, rescued in phoenix. Dangling from a helicopter as many in the southwest are suffering. Submerged by the seasonal monsoon. Standing water bringing this highway to a standstill. The streets in las vegas, swallowed hole. And right there, a tight hug after three children are rescued from a tucson area river bed. They were out playing. All of a sudden, they realized they're surrounded by water. Reporter: Earlier today, phoenix had almost an inch of rain in just 30 minutes. They're already three times their monthly average for july. As the cold front sliced through the great lakes, breaking the week-long heat, it came with destructive thunderstorms and flash flooding. Near cleveland, ohio, winds of 110 miles per hour in an ef-1 tornado ripped through this school. It was up to here. I guess about 18 inches. Reporter: Robert to longer has a basement or a yard. What a mess. You were talking about this precipitous drop from the record highs to 70 degrees? This is much closer to average. Boston, a record high this morning, just under 80 degrees. It's not just the temperature. It's less humid and feels much better. It will through the week. Other cities will see a little bit of a break. NEW YORK IN THE MID 80s. It's not cool. But, hey, it's july. You say the real concern if rain in the southeast and the southwest? Right. The stationary front that is where the rain will pool up from the southeast. Charleston, already, water rescues there. Monsoon flow continues. We'll be on the watch, ginger. Thank you. And one more weather

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{"id":19730334,"title":"Severe Storms Pound Country Following Epic Heat Wave","duration":"2:13","description":"Week-long heat wave moves into torrential rains, flash foods for US.","url":"/WNT/video/severe-storms-pound-country-epic-heat-wave-19730334","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}