Severe Weather Battering Holiday Plans

Record rainfall puts a damper on the start of the college football season.
2:51 | 08/31/14

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Transcript for Severe Weather Battering Holiday Plans
We do begin with the severe weather battering holiday weekend plans more than 40 million Americans looking to the skies tonight. The storms putting a damper on the start of college football season. The Florida gators' game not just delayed but postponed to a new day because of dangerous lightning. Rain washing away records in Louisiana, nearly eight inches in a day. The forecast for the nation in just a moment. First ABC's Linzie Janis with the wet start to the weekend. Reporter: Tonight, millions of Americans in the southeast are cleaning up, after devastating floods damaged homes and cars. In Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, heavy rains triggering flash flooding. Neighbors wading through streets to help each other. This man in the process of fixing his Lake Charles, Louisiana home from a flood earlier this summer must now start all over again. Everything inside this man's garage now saturated. Enough damage here, you can't have anything in your garage. Reporter: These children are the only ones smiling here. Splashing around in the flooded streets. But in Florida, gators' fans trying to make the most of torrential rain, as they waited two hours and 40 minutes before lightning forced officials to postpone Saturday night's game. And tonight from Kansas City to Minneapolis, and from D.C. To nyc, severe storms expected to pack damaging winds and heavy rains, as the extreme weather moves north. Here in New York City, a severe storm has already passed through, with more behind it. The rain bringing relief from the heat, temperatures flirted with 90 degrees today. Rebecca. So many of us looking forward to that relief. Linzie Janis, thank you. Meteorologist Jeff smith of our New York station, WABC is here. Jeff, where should we look for that severe weather? We are tracking a couple Zones. One of which is over the plains from Kansas up through Nebraska, Iowa, up through Minneapolis. We're talking strong winds, large hail, potential for tornadoes in that Orange zone. A small area from Washington D.C. To New York City. Strong winds and flash flooding the main threats. A lot of destabilization occurred in the atmosphere during the day. Tomorrow that shifts Kansas City up to Peoria, Chicago and Detroit. Another situation where you could have strong winds and large hail. When it comes to labor day Monday forecast, it's a tale of two countries. It's a dichotomy between east coast and west coast. Check out the weather across the west, nearly perfect. The only fly in the ointment a couple showers. Otherwise sunny and nice. Again, severe weather over the midwest. Just general showers and thunderstorms up and down the east coast. Hoping everyone stays safe. Jeff smith, thank you. And we turn over seas to that

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{"id":25198824,"title":"Severe Weather Battering Holiday Plans","duration":"2:51","description":"Record rainfall puts a damper on the start of the college football season.","url":"/WNT/video/severe-weather-battering-holiday-plans-25198824","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}