Severe weather spawns tornado outbreak in the Midwest

Nearly two dozen tornadoes damaged dozens of buildings and injured more than 30 people.
2:01 | 12/02/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe weather spawns tornado outbreak in the Midwest
David Muir will be anchoring tomorrow. We move on to breaking news. New reports of twisters in the south, nearly two dozen reported in Illinois, more than 20 hurt. Dozens of homes and buildings damaged. Here's rob Marciano. Reporter: Tonight, the view from above this neighborhood ripped apart by a tornado. A rare midwest December tornado outbreak sweeping across Illinois. This twister tearing through the town of taylorville. 21 people injured there, as the tornado went right through the center of town. Sirens blaring across Cass county. This tornado in Havana swallowing daylight as it swirls. We are really close to this. Reporter: Watch how quickly this funnel spins, violently wiping up chunks of debris less than 100 yards away from this driver in bluff county. I felt the wind force in my car. It sounded like a train. Reporter: 22 reported tornadoes reported in that state alone. Earlier, the same system turning deadly in Missouri. An ef-1 tornado packing winds of 105 miles per hour, killing one man inside this Aurora motel. In the south, torrential rain today flooding parts of Georgia, prompting high water rescues in crisp county. Rescuers carrying these children across rushing water to safety. And late today, a tornado hitting along the georgia/florida border. Doing damage to the kings bay submarine base, injuring at least one person. Still very much an active situation. And rob joins us with the forecast. Hey, Tom. The storms are right over the same area. We have a flood watch in effect across southern Georgia and the Florida panhandle. Also, parts of Alabama. And dense fog across the northeast. And at the airport, huge delays. Still snowing in the midwest, 14 inches piling up in parts of Nebraska. Next storm coming in from the pacific hits California Tuesday, another strong one that traverses the entire country next week.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Nearly two dozen tornadoes damaged dozens of buildings and injured more than 30 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"59563416","title":"Severe weather spawns tornado outbreak in the Midwest","url":"/WNT/video/severe-weather-spawns-tornado-outbreak-midwest-59563416"}