Severe weather threat sweeping across at least a dozen states

Drenching rains and damaging winds sweeping from Texas to New York.
2:34 | 02/25/18

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Transcript for Severe weather threat sweeping across at least a dozen states
the severe storm threat, states of emergency in Missouri and Ohio. You can see the high water there in Arkansas, massive flooding, weather warnings across 12 states, drenching rains and damaging winds, even reported tornado activity sweeping from Texas all the way to New York. ABC's Marcus Moore in Arkansas starting us off. Reporter: Neighborhoods across the heartland under water tonight, and right now, 12 states under severe weather alerts. In Dallas, roads washed out and water as far as the eye can see in Kentucky, this parking lot in Louisville swallowed. Days of rain here in Arkansas have left many roads impassable dozens of them just like this here in white county. The land around Paul Rhodes' cabin submerged in six feet of water, somehow his belongings spared. It's just nature. You can't fight nature. Reporter: These homeowners in Little Rock not as fortunate. The kitchen now under two feet of water. 20 rivers across the midwest in major flood stage at this hour. The grand river swallowing streets in Michigan, as the Ohio river spills into downtown Cincinnati. This may look like a river, but it's actually flooding caused by a levee breach along the kankakee river in Indiana. Officials warning residents to get out. You're not going to save your home at this point and all you're doing is endangering the lives of the first responders. Reporter: Tom, tonight we are in Searcy, Arkansas where just within the past half-an-hour a strong thunderstorm blew through, and you can see some of the damage the wind did to this car wash here and throughout the parking lot. There's debris like this, also shingles. Witnesses say it was flying in the air and the power went out when this storm blew through. Tom. Marcus Moore and his team chasing that storm tonight, Marcus, thank you. Let's bring in meteorologist Cindy Fitzgibbon. You were telling me it's about to get worse. Two active warnings in parts of Missouri and Arkansas and this is going to go well into the night. Typically when you see a line like this it indicates wind damage and that's what we're seeing. You can see the flood warnings in red, and those flood watches extend all the way into Pennsylvania. This line of storms as it shifts eastward is going to bring that tornado and severe weather threat into places like Memphis and Nashville during the overnight hours and then look at that heavy rain tomorrow morning in the northeast with a wintery side of this too. Snow, ice possible across interior new England. But inminu in Minnesota. This is going to continue to bring flooding concerns well into next week. A washout throughout the week.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Drenching rains and damaging winds sweeping from Texas to New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"53335144","title":"Severe weather threat sweeping across at least a dozen states","url":"/WNT/video/severe-weather-threat-sweeping-dozen-states-53335144"}