Shark Scare on a Florida Beach

Swimmers being eyed by hammerhead shark luckily escape.
1:42 | 08/31/14

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Transcript for Shark Scare on a Florida Beach
Nexium level protection™, now available at Walgreens. Watched her marry prince Charles back in 1981. The ivory gown covered in thousands of pearls with a 25 foot train. A traveling exhibit for years. Now the royal heir loom handed over to princes William and harry. So many would like for that dress to be put on display at kensington palace, it will be up to William and harry. Princess Diana died in a car crash 17 years ago tonight. Now to a shark scare and the swimmers on a Florida beach who had no idea they were being eyed by a hungry hammer head. Take a look. There they are. The right of your screen in the water. Here comes that shark there you see him on the left. People started screaming trying to warn them. A big hammer head. Get out of the water. Get out of the water. Luckily for them that shark was more interested in a stingray giving the swimmers time to make a run for it. It was supposed to be about making an entrance, two sky divers landing on a football field in Ireland hosting Penn state and central Florida. Here is how it was supposed to go down. This sky diver from Penn state landing on the field with that game ball. But let's just say it didn't go so well for the other stunt man from central Florida. He missed the stadium entirely and ended up on some nearby train tracks. We are told he's doing just fine. But his ego might be suffering a

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{"id":25199035,"title":"Shark Scare on a Florida Beach","duration":"1:42","description":"Swimmers being eyed by hammerhead shark luckily escape.","url":"/WNT/video/shark-scare-florida-beach-25199035","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}