Speaker John Boehner Says He and President Can Find Common Ground

Boehner Seeks 'Common Ground'
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Transcript for Speaker John Boehner Says He and President Can Find Common Ground
How much are you ready to start negotiating right now -- has. You talked about tax reform the president is talking about specific increases he campaigned. -- specific increases in tax rates from 35% to 39%. For those making more than 250000. Dollars. So is that on the temple right now. I've made it clear the president because that laid out yesterday but raising taxes on small business people. Is the wrong prescription give them work -- years. And because when he look at though the president's proposal half of the people. Who would get hit with higher taxes. File their taxes as individuals and business objectives and on the table to talk about it -- a -- campaign that 60% of voters have said. That they are -- To raise -- taxes they're ready to I have a clearer healthier America yesterday. That raising tax rates. Is except. And frankly couldn't pass the house I'm -- -- to -- it. I don't know the votes the votes -- there what I did yesterday it was way reasonable responsible. Way forward to avoid fiscal close. And that's group putting -- increase revenues on the table. But through reforming our tax is there a difference in believing that with the wrong approach and still putting it on the table. To break the gridlock because over and over again people and writing -- saying to us. Move forward break the gridlock do it. The present I ever -- sessions. I'm confident that he -- Can find common ground missiles. Violated approach yesterday. Laid out a path forward. Now it's -- White House -- They -- outsold apple -- we'll talk about it even if you believe it's the wrong approach and talk about. We'll talk. Talk but all kinds of things we've made this.

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{"id":17674858,"title":"Speaker John Boehner Says He and President Can Find Common Ground","duration":"3:00","description":"Boehner Seeks 'Common Ground'","url":"/WNT/video/speaker-john-boehner-president-find-common-ground-17674858","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}