State Department advising Americans not to get on cruise ships

Those stuck on the Grand Princess cruise ship will be docked tomorrow going to the hospital or military bases for mandatory 14 day quarantine.
3:42 | 03/09/20

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Transcript for State Department advising Americans not to get on cruise ships
Let's stunning travel warning to State Department advising Americans not to get on a cruise ship. It comes as that ship held off the coast of California for days is finally being allowed to dock. But when the grand princess arrives tomorrow most of the 2400 passengers on board will had a federal facilities to be quarantined. Here's ABC's chief national correspondent neck up is San Francisco. Tonight the stunning warning from the US State Department telling citizens not to travel and cruise ships especially people with. Underlying health conditions that colossal logistical effort under way. Government authorities preparing to all flowed over 2400. Passengers. Aboard the grand princess cruise ship captain making the announcement. We've really arrived at some slime on Monday. The passengers will be taken to this Port of Oakland the most ill moved off first and sent to hospitals. All others taken to military bases in California and Georgia. For a mandatory. Fourteen day quarantine international passengers will be repatriated to their home countries. Over the past couple of days president trump. Has stated that he would prefer if none of the passengers aboard these cruises landed on US wealth that he mentioned any of that do you think you're. Numbers that we had to cut we had a private conversation but he said we're gonna do the right thing came you have my support. All of our sport. Logistically and otherwise so I before he made those statements publicly. At a private conversation when them to members of the president's task force admit planned for tomorrow are still in the works. The plan will be in place by that time but I don't I don't want to. Preview of the plan right now. Shouldn't you be able to do that. I think I think it needs are come from. A solitary source we shouldn't have sixteen people same with the planet. Okay okay everybody has a bit for particularly when it hasn't been fully formulated. Among those on board. At least a thousand of the most vulnerable age group people over seventy. The cruise line telling ABC news 500 prescriptions delivered from this supply boat. For those in dire need. All this after tests were chopper before the grand princess Thursday's 21 testing positive anger and frustration boiling over three in the past 24 hours. Kind of thriller or floating around the drain just waiting here to get our hearts we haven't been tested we want to be tested properly. And we want to make sure. We're say. ABC news has learned to cruise ships off the coast of Florida were being held on a no sale order crew members who worked on the affected chips being tested. More than two weeks after possible exposure on the grand princess cruise line says they show no symptoms and one of the ships has been released to land. Tonight government officials with each stark warning. To the most vulnerable Americans. Right now not wait until things get worse say no launch crowns in the long trips and the bull rule don't get on a cruise ship. All right neck Utley joins us now live from San Francisco that officials just briefing about the all floating of those passengers. We imagine there are a lot of people that want to get off that boat but officials telling you could take two to three days. A job that that's because of the unprecedented logistical scale of this effort it begins right now with the team. Preparing to board that ship to do triage on passengers it continues with taking over part of the sport that's able to accommodate that. Thousand foot long ship and of course. Continues in just a matter of hours with the beginning of standing up what will be likely one of the largest isolation and quarantine facilities. In America. Jumped back up what those new developments tonight Matt thank you.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Those stuck on the Grand Princess cruise ship will be docked tomorrow going to the hospital or military bases for mandatory 14 day quarantine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"69474102","title":"State Department advising Americans not to get on cruise ships","url":"/WNT/video/state-department-advising-americans-cruise-ships-69474102"}