Stay at Home Moms Making Money in the Living Room

New and creative ways to generate income without leaving the house.
2:40 | 05/12/14

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Transcript for Stay at Home Moms Making Money in the Living Room
How to make money at home in your spare time sounds like a fantasy but as ABC's chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis tells us now. A new generation of stay at home moms dads and families of all kinds are finding ways to get paid right in the living room. And it adds up to real money. Mission Dolores is a stay at home mom of two and LA and -- now you're watching her make money for her family. -- watching TV so you're getting paid to watch TV yet. -- Michelle works with a company called -- they pay you to watch certain programs and commercials. We have confirmed and you act and it's open to anyone with a TV at a Smartphone so -- -- you can do with your kids until they do with my children you know helps me. Bringing money and so we can do different things. -- hills earned enough to renovate their kitchen from -- this. -- -- -- -- He's funny -- another of the three million Americans currently working from home. Answering customer questions for care not come a -- elder and pet care placements. Top earners make about 30000 dollar year. Can anybody do anybody and anybody anybody could do this anybody can do this it is the best job. Ever -- And stay at home dad Brian Creighton eastern his passion for fitness -- to a virtual coaching and highly training clients over Skype. Are you feeling here in the hip. -- -- -- I get to be home with my family with my kids Ryan says -- down most of his virtual clients through advertising on Google and YouTube. And now he's cashing it. What do you charge. And -- are what get our area. In gym class -- your thing how about arts and crafts -- bases that work while the kids are at play making these paper -- mobiles. They see me doing what I love to do and they can help they lived in turning some water -- and newspapers strips into ice cream codes and big bucks here's my second scope. To scoop ice curtain -- selling all -- -- site at C dot com over the past few years on the site she is late tens of thousands of dollars. That ran all night. And now a lot of you may be afraid of working from home because there have -- so many scams over the years but these are tried and true and we have the whole list of legitimate opportunities on And Diane. Little something for you that paper machine ice cream can comb the finished product Bob Hope of -- -- thank you -- back. And settlement.

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{"id":23688550,"title":"Stay at Home Moms Making Money in the Living Room","duration":"2:40","description":"New and creative ways to generate income without leaving the house.","url":"/WNT/video/stay-home-moms-making-money-living-room-23688550","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}