Storm Watch: Three Storm Fronts Bearing Down

A triple-header winter storm is barreling north, bringing snow, sleet and freezing rain.
3:00 | 02/02/14

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Transcript for Storm Watch: Three Storm Fronts Bearing Down
A storm coming overnight. For so many of the fans driving and flying home tomorrow, it's going be a real mess. ABC's Marcy Gonzalez tonight on the system from Texas all the way up to the northeast. Reporter: A winter storm barrelling through parts of Texas and heading north. Some parts of the lone star state seeing more than a foot of snow. Elsewhere, an inch of ice coating roads. And in Dallas, hundreds of flights are canceled. The system on the move, bringing snow, sleet and freezing rain through Illinois and straight into the northeast by Monday. Tricky time, as thousands plan to travel home from the super bowl. This weekend, just the start of back-to-back storms, threatening to once again hit a winter weary midwest. This weekend, snow-covered roads in Chicago and freezing roads in Wichita created dangerous driving conditions. This woman, able to free herself after her car flipped on an icy highway. I was able to unhook myself and crawl out. All the witnesses were like, I can't believe you crawled out of that, so -- I'm okay. Reporter: Not faring so well, snow budgets and salt stockpiles in towns across the midwest. Nearly tapped out as road crews use what's left, for a deja Vu marathon of trying to keep drivers safe. I got probably just over 70 hours of overtime. Reporter: And with that first storm coming overnight, there is concern, not only about road conditions in the morning, but for all those football fans flying out of the New York area tomorrow. So tonight, David, so many keeping a close eye on the scoreboard and the forecast. Marcy Gonzalez, thank you. I want to bring in Mike Wankum from our ABC station there in Boston. Mike, a very tough morning commute across much of the country. For the fans, as Marcy points out, traveling home from the super bowl. It really will be, David. 18 states either have winter weather warnings or advisories out for tonight. This line is going to be marching east. We could see up to a foot of snow in the Ohio river valley. This will be moving into new York City. We could see three to five inches of snow before this is over with. Behind it a shot of really cold air. And that's just the first punch? We're getting a second storm and possibly a third? That's right. Number two is going to be organizing over the southern plains on Tuesday and marching almost in the same track. But this one is stronger. It may start to snow in New York and change over to rain. However, in northern new England, where it stays all snow, a foot of snow is likely. And there's a third system offshore that may follow this same track as we look at next weekend's forecast.

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{"id":22339481,"title":"Storm Watch: Three Storm Fronts Bearing Down","duration":"3:00","description":"A triple-header winter storm is barreling north, bringing snow, sleet and freezing rain.","url":"/WNT/video/storm-watch-storm-fronts-bearing-22339481","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}