Subtropical Storm Alberto is picking up speed and getting stronger

Florida issues a "state of emergency" as millions brace for torrential rains from Louisiana to Florida.
2:40 | 05/27/18

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Transcript for Subtropical Storm Alberto is picking up speed and getting stronger
increase. And go evening. Thanks foining us on this Saturday. I'm Tom llamas and we begin with the state emergency on this memorial day weeken Alberto, take a look, getting stronger. The storm picking up speed. The national park service closing some campgrounds in the gulf, evacua tourists. Residents there in manatee county loading up sandbags, preparing for torren rains. Florida's governor issuing that state of emerge. Plus warnings tonight about potentially deadly rip currents. Millions bracing for a memorial day washout, from Louisiana to Florida. ABC's senior meteorologist rob marcianorts us off. Reporter: Tonht, Alberto on the move, putting millions from Louisiana to Florida at risk this holiday weekend. Instead of barbecuing, the tallahasseresidents are filling up sandbags. And in Tampa, too. Ock it all down. Because anything that blows on high winds C be a missile. Reporter: Here in pensala, it may look like the perfect beach day, but tomorrow could bring torrential rain and potential flooding. Waves are getting bigger here. They've got yellow flalying. Just to our west, the national rk service has closed the beach there. Even asking people to acuate. While, in Miami, canals there lowered up to a foot in anticipaon of the heavy rain. Red warng flags raised at this beach in gulf shores, Alabama. We do have the shutters and such ready to go, to put up if we have to. Reporter: And in misippi, emergency manageme officials are ING Alberto their worst nightmare. The rainfall amounts cod be double digits. We've got to stay vigiland ready. And rob standing byor us tonight in Pensacola. B, you have the latest track and a big update F folks living in the Florida panhandle, Reporter: We certainly do. Doesn't look good for Thi area. You can see T waters churning up bed us these yellow flags could be red, closing thiseach to swimmers. E it's kind lopsided. Florida really getting a L of rainfall the last day or two. And that will contie tomorrow with the added threat of an isolated tornado ortwo, with a lot of spin on that side of the storm. You see it entering and moving north into the gulf. Pretty slowly. As far as the rainfall is concerd, that's going to be a huge player. 6 T 10, maybe 15 in som of these S. Flooding is going to be a big problem. The 0 fish track takes it abreast of Tampa tomorrow afternoon anaking landfall, likely rightere, somewhere Pensacola beach on Monday noon. Spoiler for the Moll day week for sure, and getting this hurricane season off T an early start. Tom? A slow buterious rainmar. All right,, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Florida issues a \"state of emergency\" as millions brace for torrential rains from Louisiana to Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"55463741","title":"Subtropical Storm Alberto is picking up speed and getting stronger","url":"/WNT/video/subtropical-storm-alberto-picking-speed-stronger-55463741"}