Super Bowl Ads Promise to Bring Back Happy

Advertisers respond to criticism that previous ads were "downers."
1:38 | 02/08/16

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Transcript for Super Bowl Ads Promise to Bring Back Happy
Finally tonight, this year's super bowl ads taking on a new tone. And once again, they may just steal the show. Here's Clayton Sandell. Reporter: Let's face it, a lot of last year's super bowl commercials were downers. I couldn't grow up, because I died from an accident. Reporter: The super bowl was more like the "Bummer bowl." But tonight -- Puppy monkey baby. Reporter: Advertisers are bringing back happy, singing sheep -- ? take a look at yourself in a mirror ? Reporter: Aliens -- This simple puzzle was considered unsolvable by the humans. Did they not have brains? Simple ones. Reporter: Weiner dogs in costume. Hollywood hotties. ? What a man what a man what a mighty good man ? Reporter: Kids are back, but this time, it's girls getting hairstyle help from their NFL dads. Can you put the bow inside the braid? Reporter: This being an election year, there is politics. That's why we're forming the bud light party. Reporter: But it's a lot more fun. Today we celebrate our Independence day! Reporter: The Kung Fu panda even spoofs the old spice guy. Look, your panda. Now look at me. I'm on a tiger. Reporter: Even the serious stuff, like dame Helen mirren saying, "Don't drink and drive," is funny. If your brain was donated to science, science would return it. Reporter: So this year -- You get a little cranky when you're hungry. Better? Much better. Reporter: Even if your team gets you down, advertisers are making sure the commercials won't. Clayton Sandell, ABC news, Denver. We thank Clayton for that. "Gma" first thing in the morning, David Muir is in new Hampshire tomorrow night. I'm Tom llamas in New York. Have a great evening.

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{"duration":"1:38","description":"Advertisers respond to criticism that previous ads were \"downers.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"36778438","title":"Super Bowl Ads Promise to Bring Back Happy","url":"/WNT/video/super-bowl-ads-promise-bring-back-happy-36778438"}