What Supreme Court Victory Does for Same-Sex Couples

1,138 new benefits previously reserved for straight couples extended to same-sex couples.
1:25 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for What Supreme Court Victory Does for Same-Sex Couples
And here now is a map of where the states stand on same sex marriage. As of tonight, 35 states still ban it. But it is legal in 13 states and now including california, which, as we said, just moved back into that category. And that's where abc's cecilia vega is reporting in tonight. Cecilia? Reporter: Diane, good evening. Boy, sheer elation. That is what we have seen all day out here in san francisco. We are live from the hub of the fight for gay marriage in california, san francisco's castro district. And what you see behind me over here, this is just the beginning of what is probably going to be a very big, a very long party tonight. Now, earlier today, at san francisco city hall when the decision came down, there were cheers of victory, there were partners clutching each other. There were teerp tiers for joy. What happened today from the supreme court is seen nothing more than a huge step in the battle for gay rights. So, what comes next? Marriage s here in california will begin at some point between mid to lei july. One couple proposed to each other right after this decision came down. We are hearing that a number of people, 64, to be precise, have been volunteered to be deputized to begin officiating over those marriages when they start. We know that wedding planners here in san francisco are expecting big business. Diane, the race to the altar is officially on here in california. All right, cecilia vega, right there where we can hear the bells ringing.

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{"id":19500969,"title":"What Supreme Court Victory Does for Same-Sex Couples","duration":"1:25","description":"1,138 new benefits previously reserved for straight couples extended to same-sex couples.","url":"/WNT/video/supreme-court-victory-sex-couples-19500969","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}