Surge of Deadly Flash Floods Rages Across Country

Dangerous tornadoes trigger massive sinkholes and torrential rains.
1:54 | 06/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Surge of Deadly Flash Floods Rages Across Country
severe weather on the move and bringing flooding worries with it. It was last night, we showed you the giant sinkhole in oklahoma city, caused by the storm. So, we sent abc's alex perez out to find it today. And he's right there. Alex? Reporter: David, that sinkhole, another example of how dire the situation is here. Authorities are still trying to figure out the exact extent of the damage. Sucked down into the earth, this massive sinkhole, snarling traffic near downtown oklahoma city. Another consequence of those monster tornadoes and the torrential rains that came with it. It's not just a tornado. But the water, the rushing water is crazy, as well. Reporter: Oklahoma took a pounding. Tonight, emergency workers are still searching for the missing. It's been hard to handle, this magnitude of disaster throughout the state. Reporter:600 fema workers are on the ground in oklahoma, assessing the damage. In el reno, directly in the path of friday's twister, the cleanup only beginning. The tornado tore down the only home angela coble has ever known. I really loved my home. This house is 117 years old. I thought, we're okay. It's going to be fine. No. It's not. Reporter: Mother nature's rage is beinlt across the country. The violent winds ripped apart homes in the st. Louis area. And in gillespie, illinois, a storm wiped out an entire gymnasium, creating a terrifying sound many here say they will never forget. Like a bomb went off. Windows busted. And the glass, sucked in walls. Reporter: And here in oklahoma, not just the tornadoes but also the rain. This mobile home park, drowning in four feet of water. Joanna carter woke up to find her home of 25 years under water. She's lived through many tornadoes and storms. We do have our lives. I feel pretty guilty feeling bad. Reporter: And that's a sentiment shared by so many here tonight. As for the sinkhole, authorities say it will likely be several days before it is filled. And the street here, returns to normal.

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{"id":19309855,"title":"Surge of Deadly Flash Floods Rages Across Country ","duration":"1:54","description":"Dangerous tornadoes trigger massive sinkholes and torrential rains. ","url":"/WNT/video/surge-deadly-flash-floods-rages-country-19309855","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}