Survivor Shares Experience From Inside Deadly Train Derailment

Passenger aboard devastating train crash in Spain calls the scene "truly gruesome."
1:51 | 07/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Survivor Shares Experience From Inside Deadly Train Derailment
cannot let this happen to anybody else's child. Thank you. The horrific train crash in spain and an american passenger describing the moment the train barrelled off the tracks as it collided with that barrier there. Tonight, this image, 18-year-old stephen ward from utah being helped at the crash scene. Nick schifrin in spain for us again tonight. Reporter: Out of the charred twisted wreckage, somehow stephen ward walked out alive. I've never been to hell but it's probably a pretty accurate description. Reporter: Ward was in the last car. He noticed on a display panel the train was racing 110 miles per hour, double what it should have been doing. Then it started to happen. Honestly, I just remember moving sideways. Reporter: Tilting to the side, he first thought nothing of it. Then suddenly he was thrown flying through the air. The last thing I remember is the feeling of leaving the tracks and I blacked o in midair. A lot of people were screaming. A lot of people were crying. Reporter: When he opened his eyes, this is him, bloodied and stunned. I've seen a picture of myself that they took. I look like the walking dead. Completely covered in blood. It was truly gruesome. Stephen was sitting at the end of this car right here and you can see how blown out that side is and how consumed by fire. You can also see here the force with which this train hit the wall. First that door blown off. And then down here. This is an iron railing. It's been completely destroyed. Tonight police are questioning the engineer, seen here right after the crash, for driving the train too quickly. But stephen casts no blame. He just feels lucky and grateful to the man who saved him. I don't know who it was that pulled me from the train or helped me down, but if I did, i would say thank you and give him a great big hug. Reporter: Nick schifrin, abc nudes, santiago de compostela. Thanks to nick.

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{"id":19787927,"title":"Survivor Shares Experience From Inside Deadly Train Derailment","duration":"1:51","description":"Passenger aboard devastating train crash in Spain calls the scene \"truly gruesome.\"","url":"/WNT/video/survivor-shares-experience-inside-deadly-train-derailment-19787927","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}