Suspected Fugitive Christopher Dorner, Armed and Dangerous

New details emerge on alleged cop killer's ammunition and whereabouts.
1:29 | 02/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Suspected Fugitive Christopher Dorner, Armed and Dangerous
We're here -- police station -- you can see they're stepping up security. Law enforcement officials here are on high alert that's because the police of the primary target. All across Southern California police are on edge clear evidence that Christopher -- is that lethal adversary. Why because the -- a former police officer was one of law enforcement bone and a lengthy manifesto posted online he Torrance police writing. I know your techniques and tactics. -- former girlfriend is afraid for her life. I think it is a scary situation in. Who's next you know -- you don't know. -- order has participated in dragnet though he understands exactly how to evade police he's been constantly on the move. From Irvine to San Diego then Riverside and now possibly big bear mountain. And he's -- police surveillance techniques. He even claims to have a list of all of LEP these unmarked police cars just in gumbo served in the navy would do Warner. He has a great deal of training and experience. So using both offensive and defensive tactics. Donors a skilled shooter who is one military award for marksmanship. He claims to have explosives high capacity clips and a fifty caliber rifle. Capable of slicing -- police body armor and even car. -- and this is -- -- at that particular rifle fires its five inches long more than five inches long just imagine the damage it could cause.

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{"id":18446091,"title":"Suspected Fugitive Christopher Dorner, Armed and Dangerous","duration":"1:29","description":"New details emerge on alleged cop killer's ammunition and whereabouts.","url":"/WNT/video/suspected-fugitive-christopher-dorner-armed-dangerous-18446091","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}