Suspects Charged With Hate Crime in Chicago Torture Video

Four young adults from Chicago are accused of kidnapping, battery and hate crime.
3:29 | 01/06/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Suspects Charged With Hate Crime in Chicago Torture Video
There are breaking developments coming in as well from Chicago outrage growing at this hour after a very difficult. And disturbing video was carried live on FaceBook. And this afternoon hate crime charges leveled against four young African Americans after police say they targeted a young disabled white man. You'll hear what they said on that FaceBook video. Authority saying tonight he was targeted because of his disability. And his race ABC's Alex Perez in Chicago. Tonight police are using this word reprehensible. To describe this thirty minute video that was carried live on FaceBook in the video and they're luring the victim's face authorities say eighteen year old mentally challenged white man whose targets he can be seen. Coloring and a quarter she's assaulted by four young black or don't. Chicago bound and gagged and you can hear the victim being taunted and beaten in his stealth cuts police say. And the suspects using social media to show what they were doing as they were doing it. Smith. Today the four suspects charged with hate crime. Or actions in that video. I reprehensible. That along with racism. Have absolutely no place in the city of Chicago. Or anywhere else for that matter against anyone on this. The group yelling racial slurs at the victim and are making a reference to the president elect. Long. Investigators say one of the alleged attackers went to school with the victim they began hanging out. Police say after the attack the victim escaped his captors. Officers spotting him on a cold Chicago street where NJ shorts and a tank top traumatized and bloody he was very does. This can buy deleted. He was injured he was confused tonight prosecutors in Chicago charging the suspects two men and two sisters. With kidnapping battery and hate crimes tonight the victim's family speaking out he's doing well. As as well as he could be at this time in an interview with our ABC station in Chicago WLS. President Obama calling it terrible and pointing to the dangers posed by technology and. What. Technology allows us to see now is is the terrible told. That. Racism discrimination and hate. Takes on. Families and communities. FaceBook says it has removed his video when asked about people live streaming while they're committing crimes. FaceBook telling ABC news they have a team on call 24 hours a day seven days a week. Dedicated to responding to these reports immediately but the images were already shared by so many on FaceBook. And it's now become critical evidence for prosecutors. Is six. It's sickening you know it makes you wonder what would make individuals treat someone like that. As you point out Alex FaceBook also facing questions about anyone being able to carry anything lie in the meantime. I know you're at Chicago police headquarters tonight do we have any word and how the young man who was targeted in that video was doing. Well David we now know that young man was hospitalized for his injuries he's been treated and released and we understand he's now back with his family those four suspects could face up to fifty years in prison David. Mr. story tonight now expressed thing.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Four young adults from Chicago are accused of kidnapping, battery and hate crime.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"44586603","title":"Suspects Charged With Hate Crime in Chicago Torture Video","url":"/WNT/video/suspects-charged-hate-crime-chicago-torture-video-44586603"}