Taking Aim: NRA

Both the NRA and gun victims stand their ground in battle over future of gun rights.
1:21 | 05/04/13

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Transcript for Taking Aim: NRA
gloves and instructional bfd dvds on how to make sploefs. To huston, speaker after speaker. Reena ninan at the white house. They may have won the first round against the white house. Senate vote less than two weeks ago is significant. Reporter: But nra leaders sounded more like generals preparing for war. We must never confuse winning a battle with winning the war. Reporter: With nra members ready to fight gun control. The powerful images of the innocent faces of tragedy, not enough to beat the nra. This president flying in grieve is parents. The nra showcased the youngest member, a 3-year-old. One suggests barring a move from the nra's play book. Organized as the nra does and make it a voting issue. Reporter: The families refusing to give up, confronting nra members head on. In the past ten years there are 2 million gun sales stopped because of background checks. If kids want cigarettes they'll find them and if criminals want guns they'll find them. Reporter: The president exploring what action he might be able to do on his own without congressional approv

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{"id":19110841,"title":"Taking Aim: NRA","duration":"1:21","description":"Both the NRA and gun victims stand their ground in battle over future of gun rights.","url":"/WNT/video/taking-aim-nra-19110841","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}