Tappan Zee Bridge shut down after multiple crashes due to weather

At Baltimore's airport, investigators were probing why a plane skidded on the taxiway as it was taking off.
3:15 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for Tappan Zee Bridge shut down after multiple crashes due to weather
Good evening. And it's great to have you with us here on a very busy Wednesday night. And a very messy one, too, on roads and highways across this country. A driving nightmare today. Ice, snow, heavy rain. Even tornado warnings. And take a look at the radar tonight. That storm stretching from Texas, all the way up to Maine. Icy conditions causing multiple accidents in Springdale, Arkansas. Look at the whiteout conditions blinding drivers on the roads in Nebraska. And this FedEx truck losing control in Connecticut. Hundreds of delays and cancellations coast to coast tonight, and already a new storm to tell you about, too. Watches already up. ABC's gio Benitez leads us off. Reporter: Tonight, treacherous driving and a messy commute for millions. They closed it down. Really big accident. Reporter: Outside New York City, the Mario Cuomo Tappan zee bridge shut down after multiple crashes. As you can see, it goes all the way back. Reporter: New Connecticut, a FedEx truck sliding out of control. And outside Washington, D.C., watch as this pickup truck crashes into a bakery. I started applying my brakes. Ice took hold and the truck had a mind of its own and went into the building. Reporter: At Baltimore's airport, investigators looking into why a plane skidded on the taxiway as it prepared to take off. 149 people onboard all evacuating safely. This, as the storm wreaked hef vok with air travel. Our flight's been delayed by more than two hours now and we're still stuck on the tarmac. It's a waiting game. West of Atlanta, a severe storm toppling trees and damaging structures. You can see the high winds knocked this garage off its foundation, it is now leaning into this tree. Reporter: Outside Jackson, Mississippi, a school bus and a mini van colliding on wet roads. The bus striking a traffic light. Overnight, several people injured in multiple accidents on icy roads in Arkansas. Pickup truck on interstate 49 completely on its head. The driver of that red car making a split-second decision. I either had to hit the cars that were turned over, hit the car that was spinning out in front of me or come down the ravine. And I chose this ravine. Reporter: Tragically, in Texas, a deadly mix of speed and weather costing one driver his life. And gio Benitez live from a very windy jtk airport. So many flights canceled today. And airlines already issuing waver for the next storm? Reporter: That's right, David. More than 5,000 flights delayed. And those airlines, you're right, are issuing the waivers before the next storm even hits. You can just see, this wind is really picking up here, David. A messy night ahead. Gio, thank you. A new storm brewing for later in the week, but first things first, rob Marciano live on the current system. Where is it now, rob? Reporter: Well, it's an uncomfortable mess, that's for sure, but a huge system, stretching from the gulf of Mexico to Maine. The most dangerous area right now is the pink, north of I-84, throughout much of upstate new York and Massachusetts and new England. It does get out of here by the morning rush, but it will be below freezing, so, certainly some slick spots. Here is our next system. Advisories up from Montana to Michigan. The snow reaching in to the planes. Friday afternoon, Detroit, Cleveland. A swath of three to five inches of snow. We're certainly in an active pattern. David? Rob Marciano with us tonight, as well.

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{"id":52919925,"title":"Tappan Zee Bridge shut down after multiple crashes due to weather ","duration":"3:15","description":"At Baltimore's airport, investigators were probing why a plane skidded on the taxiway as it was taking off.","url":"/WNT/video/tappan-zee-bridge-shut-multiple-crashes-due-weather-52919925","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}