Teenage Stowaway Raises Questions About Airport Security

New clues into the possible motive behind teen's risky move to stow away in wheel well of a jetliner.
2:02 | 04/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teenage Stowaway Raises Questions About Airport Security
We begin with word about that the stow-away and the on going mystery of what happened on the jumbo jet where he says he was tucked inside the freezing wheel well for hours. It is a story raising questions about how he out smarted airport security. Tonight his father is speaking out about the risk and what may have motivated his son. David Kerley starts us off. Reporter: Tonight the 15-year-old stow-aways father says he was shocked to learn about what he called his son's extraordinary and dangerous trip in the wheel well of a 767. They told me they were holding my son. I wondered how my son went there he said on the voice of America website. The taxi cab driver says he saw his son Friday at noon. He was a very quiet person. He was always busy with watching the TV and using the computer. I can say he was a cool boy. But the FBI reporting that the teen had a fight with his family and Raab away. In the middle of the night after 1:00 A.M. Sunday he was caught on video cameras jumping the fence at San Jose's airport. No one saw him. He was in a wheel well for a more than five hour flight with little ox zen at 38,000 feet and temperatures at least 50 below. Not discovered until an hour after this flight landed. The teen transferred to a new school this year and his father says he was struggling in some classes. There had been suggestions the boy wanted to go to Africa. He was always talking about going back to Africa where his grandparents still live. That wasn't his plan when he jumped the fence in California. He told an initial if Hawaii he climbed up into the first plane he saw. He is still in a hospital in Hawaii. He is under the custody of child services there. Hawaiian airlines have not told us whether anyone checked that wheel well, Diane, before the jetliner took off. Thank you.

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{"id":23446847,"title":"Teenage Stowaway Raises Questions About Airport Security","duration":"2:02","description":"New clues into the possible motive behind teen's risky move to stow away in wheel well of a jetliner.","url":"/WNT/video/teenage-stowaway-raises-questions-airport-security-23446847","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}