Tensions at a Breaking Point in Israel and Gaza, Death Toll Rises

Will Israel send ground forces into Gaza or will there be a cease fire agreement?
3:44 | 07/11/14

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Transcript for Tensions at a Breaking Point in Israel and Gaza, Death Toll Rises
All eyes on the middle east, and the real possibility that Israel will send ground troops into gaza. Two reporters on the ground tonight. Spent the day with families on both sides. We'll begin with Martha Raddatz in Israel. Reporter: Tonight, a burst of rocket fire over Israel's biggest city -- as hamas now takes aim at tel aviv's international airport. Minutes after we landed today air raid alarms wailed. We were rushed to a basement shelter. But the rockets near the airport were all intercepted by Israel's famed iron dome defense system which we saw today. It's scary. It's scary, the alarm goes on and you feel death is coming upon you and this is 5 million people right now having this feeling on a daily basis. Reporter: Like this Israeli family huddled on the side of the road, a mother telling her children, "Just lower your head, okay? Everything will be okay." But no Israelis have died in this conflict. It is gaza where the casualties have mounted. With Israel launching more than a thousand airstrikes there. And it is now increasingly likely Israel will launch a ground operation in gaza. 30,000 Israeli troops have been called up. Now assembling at the border with heavy artillery. Israel's prime minister today making clear he will do whatever is necessary to stop the hamas rocket fire. Operating, he said, with full force. Tonight the united nations has warned the Israelis may be violating the laws of war for striking homes in gaza where civilians have been killed. My colleague Alex Marquardt is there. Reporter: Hurtling through the streets of gaza, there's just been a strike. This crowd is pulling out what is clearly a very wounded man out of this mosque that was struck just moments ago. He and another are quickly loaded in. The driver is calling head to the hospital. In the back, the friend of the wounded man tells him to say the Muslim prayer before death. The two men we were with just got wheeled into shifa hospital, but the cars and ambulances keep coming. Inside, some of the more than 20 wounded in this attack. But despite the rising death toll on the streets of gaza today, strong support for hamas and their rockets. Gazans telling us it's a matter of self defense. We are thanks hamas, and we put our hands over hamas hands. They're supporting the people here in gaza. Reporter: The united nations said today that more than 500 Palestinian homes have been destroyed. Displacing more than 3,000 people. Thank you Alex and Martha. Back here at home to Texas,

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{"id":24531734,"title":"Tensions at a Breaking Point in Israel and Gaza, Death Toll Rises","duration":"3:44","description":"Will Israel send ground forces into Gaza or will there be a cease fire agreement?","url":"/WNT/video/tensions-breaking-point-israel-gaza-death-toll-rises-24531734","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}