Terror Threat: Al Qaeda Bounty on Ambassadors

How safe are our embassies after Benghazi?
1:45 | 12/30/12

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Transcript for Terror Threat: Al Qaeda Bounty on Ambassadors
a new kind of terror threat from al qaeda in yemen. There's a new tape offering tens of thousands of dollars to anyone who kills the u.S. Ambassador or an american soldier in their country. Here's muhammad lila. Reporter: It's a country racked with lawlessness and now a potential new threat. The associated press first reported this video which claims to be from al qaeda's yemen branch announcing a new bounty. Three kilograms of gold. Roughly $160,000 the american ambassador in yemen and $23,000 for any american soldier. Abc hasn't verified the authenticity of the video. It was posted online separately, claiming to be part of a longer video, one that we have authenticated. The threat comes at a critical me, just four months after the al qaeda linked militants stormed the embassy compound in libya, criminaling ambassador chris stevens and three other american personnel. After the attacks, security levels were raised at many american embassies around the world. I think the security detail won't do anything differently because they had to know the ambassador was already a person who had to be protected very carefully. Reporter: Yemen is in the heart of the middle east, considered by many a breeding ground for militants. And there's no question anti-american sentiment in yemen is running high. In september, an angry mob stormed the u.S. Embassy, enraged by the controversial youtube video about the prophet muhammad. It's not going to change the reality. This ambassador is one of the many brave americans in the is in danger all the time whether there's a bounty on his head or not. From india, mourners gathering to remember a young

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{"id":18096921,"title":"Terror Threat: Al Qaeda Bounty on Ambassadors","duration":"1:45","description":"How safe are our embassies after Benghazi?","url":"/WNT/video/terror-threat-al-qaeda-bounty-ambassadors-18096921","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}