Texas Twisters Devastate Towns, At Least Six Killed

Tornado winds up to 200 miles per hour destroy more than 100 homes in Northern Texas.
2:39 | 05/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Twisters Devastate Towns, At Least Six Killed
We begin with that pounding assault of tornadoes in the heartland tonight. In north texas, families looked out the window and saw this. By one count, at least 12 twisters. And tonight, the aftermath, a kind of moon scape, where their homes once stood. The center of some homes simply vanished. Six people killed, a community in shock. And abc's steve osunsami is there with their story tonight. Steve? Reporter: Good evening. A small army of volunteers helped a family that lived here move what's left of their home to the curb. It was all destroyed in just a few moments. Oh, my god. Reporter: The latest pictures from those massive and deadly tornadoes that tore through texas are both frightening and amazing. Oh, my god! Look at, it's right above us. Reporter: The pounding giant hail. Nature's warning for tornadoes. That's the biggest I've ever seen. We have casualties and severe injuries, we have multiple houses that ar longer there. Reporter: Police searching door to door, burning up the radio. We're going to need as many units as we can, we're going to have to do search and rescue. Reporter: Families were trapped in their homes. Six people were killed, 70 survivors to hospitals. There was a young girl pulled out of her house. Crazy. Reporter: When the sun rose this morning and she looked around -- it's amazing we weren't hurt or killed. Reporter: Lisa montgomery sa prayer of thanks. The tornado tore her home to pieces, but she and her grandson hit in a bathroom and made it out alive. The doors were shaking, shaking, shaking, really bad. Granbury texas suffered the most. A subdivision of homes, many built by volunteers for the poor. Investigators say it was a ef-4 with wind speeds of 200 miles an hour. In cleburne, they think there could have been two tornadoes here, the most virks, an ef-3 with wind speeds up to 150 miles an hour. When it got south of the city, it turned left and head north towards cleburne. Ben and his family were in the way. I'm still in shock. Reporter: They lost everything. The u tilt companies are here. The power companies are here. The recovers starts now. But it's not over yet. There are still watches and warnings in louisiana tonight.

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{"id":19197534,"title":"Texas Twisters Devastate Towns, At Least Six Killed","duration":"2:39","description":"Tornado winds up to 200 miles per hour destroy more than 100 homes in Northern Texas.","url":"/WNT/video/texas-twisters-devastate-towns-killed-19197534","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}