Thai boys soccer team and coach rescued from cave

Thailand's prime minister says the 12 boys saved from a flooded cave were given an anti-anxiety medication to help with their rescue.
5:10 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for Thai boys soccer team and coach rescued from cave
D first, that final rescue, and what happened right afterward. Was adisast narrowlyavted? All 12 soccer players their coach is free. That is the great news. The whole world tching, waiting, as they were F discovered there, then that international crew of divers and engineers plotting to get them out.the last four boys and their coach rescued to then those four th Navy S.E.A.L.S, they are thenes that stayed with them the entire timeafter F disccovering them in that cave,came out gave a thumb's up. Tonight, new reporting on this rescue the medication given to the boys to Kee them F panicking. And whatjust learned. What happened in that cave right after the boys were ued. ABC's jameslongman leading us off from the scene a tonight. Reporter: This dark P louse cave, a stiflinme for remaining four boys thei soccer coach.10:08 this morning, the last rescue. 19 divers heading back in. The trip, just asfrightening, just as dangerous. E threat of rain looming. The caves, a labyrinth of fwisintunnels. Rescue workers seen wading in near total darkness. Tonight, we're learning all the boys were given medication to them from panicking. At times, the passageways narrow, they traveled single fire. Teams of two dives pairing with each boy. The other in front, carrying their oxygen T. Volunteers revoicing at the . The coach, weaker than all those boys, ac just behind me, they flashingts, that she police escort waiting the last ambulance. This rescue, faster than the . "This morninade a promise, get nine people out," the governor sg, "And we did it." These Navy S.E.A.L. Divers and medic waiting to leave L everyone safe. Givi tonight, stayed with boys in the cave since they were found over week ago. How many of you? Rorter: The once unthinkable no miracous reality. The last ambulanceiving at the hospitalfter 18da jubilation in the sts. Tonight, Thailand's most iousr team reunited, under eye lake in thepital. Two of the children have pneuand they are highly susceptible infection. Et, bland S, treat of bread and chocolate. But a health official saying they will not be all direct contact with visitors until their blood tests come back. Meaning another agonizing wait foeir parents, who hav heldir sons in over two S. They are grateful for the Hund who volunteered on this Ta the cave is just up thisad, or days, this has been blocked off. We passed soy on the road, exhausteut smiling. Trucks oavy S.E.A.L.S driving away to cheers of those nearby. Finally hea home, their mission complete. And J ngman joins us tonight from outside the there. James has been on the scene for days. What an Ed day today. We can actually hearhe rain falling behind're learning tonight that E parents of the children are still waiting see their boys, but that T parents he also written a letter to the coach? Reporter: That's right, David. Th letter was written while the am wastill trapped. The parentsying, quote, we're not mad you at all, do take cover yourself with a blanket, as the weather is cold. We're worried. The parents clearly grateful the coach cared so deeply for their children. Da James Longman leading us off ghmes,hank you. And I mentioneou could hear the rain there, right behind James. Not the only thing that happened right after this rescue was completed. We learned tonight of new details of what took place right after those boiere pd out, when divers went in T try to retrieve all the eqent. Let's get to M Gutman, and this was some TD you. Reporter: That's right, da when the operation got under way, it was rai harder than it is right now. And according to those military officials W directly involvedhe open, after those Navy S.E.A.L.S and the other rescuers got the four Bothe coach and those four Thai Navy s.e.asut of the cave, other rescuers and 80 or 90 Thai Navy were there picking up their equipment, when that main pump Thad been takut hundreds of millions of Gallo over the past two and af weeks gave way. Suddenly, the third caver began to fl with water, then the second, then the rst. The S.E.A.L.S and the rescue had to abandon all of their equipment, leaving hundreds of air tanks behind. They tole it was incredibly harrowing and it was a sa nearly averted, David. Wow. Ttgutman, James Longman. Our that the T on the ground and the heroic work of all the divers. Tonight, step by step, this re, the boys and their miles and how they ended up THA cave in the first place. A remarkable version of "20/20" night, 9:00 P.M. East ll then.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"Thailand's prime minister says the 12 boys saved from a flooded cave were given an anti-anxiety medication to help with their rescue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56496248","title":"Thai boys soccer team and coach rescued from cave","url":"/WNT/video/thai-boys-soccer-team-coach-rescued-cave-56496248"}