Things Just Got Much Colder and More Dangerous

No love for arctic weather and snow storm in the forecast for Valentine's Day.
2:19 | 02/12/15

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Transcript for Things Just Got Much Colder and More Dangerous
And now, to dangerous cold moving in tonight. A possible blizzard to follow. 35 million Americans will be affected. Here's the map tonight. 14 states under wind chill advisories around wings. That cold air reach iing Georgia. Look at this. A vallen tine's day storm marching eastward. Outside Pittsburgh, two tractor trailers skidding off I'm-70, and whiteout conditions on this highway in Indiana today. A dangerous commute home tonight already, and now the coldest air of the winter coming next. Here's meteorologist rob Marciano. Reporter: Tonight, this fast-moving clipper storm that brought blinding conditions to 23 states is causing pileups near Pittsburgh. And behind that storm comes two more blasts of dangerous cold. At least 14 states and 35 million Americans are under wind chill advisories or warnings. Frostbite could set in in just minutes to exposed skin. Tonight, a warning from first responders. Limit exposure, dress in multiple layers and stay hydrated. Also tonight, news that new England will not want to hear. More snow. Hopefully we'll get a break in the weather pattern. Reporter: They won't. Whiteout conditions are in the works this holiday weekend. We haven't had a chance to really clear the snow from our driveway. Reporter: Across hard hit Massachusetts, the national Guard still hauling away snow by the truckload. Residents rushing to shore up collapsed roofs. Boston already buckling under the weight of record-breaking snow. And now, preparing yet again. We're going to get through this. Just ask for your help and patience. Sounds like a broken record there. Authorities want folks to take this seriously. Reporter: The second shot of cold air may be the worse we've seen in a decade. Let's talk about tonight. The bitter cold down to the south. These wind chills in the morning, what it feels like against your skin, dangerous stuff. Minus 10 in Boston. Minus 23 in Buffalo. The actual highs tomorrow will break some records. Not getting out of the teens in Pittsburgh, Chicago nor new York. Not above zero in Burlington. Here is your blizzard watch. Not what you want to hear there. The storm spreads light snow across the great Lakes and the low itself just offshore of new York and New Jersey. That's where the strong winds are going to be a. Full-on blizzard for Boston and strong winds as far south as Philadelphia. All right, rob, thank you.

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{"id":28935705,"title":"Things Just Got Much Colder and More Dangerous","duration":"2:19","description":"No love for arctic weather and snow storm in the forecast for Valentine's Day.","url":"/WNT/video/things-colder-dangerous-28935705","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}