Thousands fleeing the Bahamas due to the impact of Hurricane Dorian

More than 40 people have been declared dead and authorities expect the death toll will spike.
3:01 | 09/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Thousands fleeing the Bahamas due to the impact of Hurricane Dorian
David, thank you. And the crisis reaching a breaking point in the Bahamas. The death toll rising, and the race against time to find hundreds still missing. Search teams struggling to reach victims. Our reporter, Marcus Moore, again in the disaster zone. Reporter: Tonight, frustration building a week after Dorian stormed into the Bahamas, obliterating entire communities including much of elbow key where it first made landfall. The government ain't here doing it. We doing it. Just send us the We need. That's all. That's all we ask. It's nothing much. Reporter: Many upset, blaming red tape for holding back critical supplies to the islands of abaco and grand bahama as American first responders continue to help evacuate the sick and wounded. We met frank Knowles in front of what's left of his house. We left in the eye, thankfully. And when we left in the eye, it was still very much intact. Reporter: His family now heading to the U.S. To stay with relatives. His wife will have to figure out where to send their kids to school. We had each other accounted for, you know, there was no guesswork. I still don't know where my dad and my sister are. I haven't heard from them yet. Reporter: And where they going to stay at their house? They were staying there up until the eye, when we lost contact with them. Reporter: His dad and sister among the potential thousands who are missing. At the airports this weekend we watched fathers saying good-bye. Bye, baby. Reporter: At the docks. This boat is here to take you to Nassau, okay? Reporter: Bahmian commander William Sturrup helping lead hundreds of the newly homeless on boats bound for a future that is uncertain. I went to the airport, too much chaos. I couldn't get on, so I said lord, today have to be the day for me to get on this boat. Reporter: 1,100 making their way to Florida, rescued by cruise ship. Thousands fleeing the affected islands where officials say food distribution is a challenge. All of this as the bahamian government grapples with the mounting death toll. Every single person we intend to count for. Reporter: More than 40 declared dead, but many victims still buried under piles of debris. Is there a chance that some of the victims we're talking about were swept away into the ocean, and perhaps may never be found? Yes. Such a cruel reality for some of the victims. Marcus, joining us live. It's clear with such a powerful hurricane, bahamian offials are overwhelmed. And residents are making that clear? Reporter: Yes. This storm knocked out critical infrastructure like police stations and clinics. And many people say they feel like they have been abandoned. Marsh harbor is a ghost town. So many have gone to other Bahamas islands and the U.S. Tonight, this is an island that had fewer than 30,000 people before the storm. Almost every one of them lost their home, lost their job, or has a loved one that is missing. Tom? Marcus, thank you. Dorian hitting eastern

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"More than 40 people have been declared dead and authorities expect the death toll will spike. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"65473128","title":"Thousands fleeing the Bahamas due to the impact of Hurricane Dorian","url":"/WNT/video/thousands-fleeing-bahamas-due-impact-hurricane-dorian-65473128"}