Tonya Harding's estranged mother, Lavona Golden, says she was no child abuser

The women's relationship is captured in the film "I, Tonya."
2:23 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Tonya Harding's estranged mother, Lavona Golden, says she was no child abuser
Next tonight here, Tonya Harding in the headlines. The olympics, of course, approaching, and that new movie about her. Much of the movie depicts a troubled relationship with her mother. Tonight here, Amy robach, and the interview with Tonya Harding's mother. And Tonya Harding herself on whether scenes like this one are accurate. Stop talking to her. Yeah. That girl is your enemy. Reporter: Tonight, Tonya Harding, her story depicted in the new film "I, Tonya", talking about her difficult relationship with her mother. How would you describe your mom as a mother? Not a good one. I know she probably did the best that she probably could. If there's no "You can't do it" type of thing, she won't do it. She'd be nothing. Reporter: Her tough parenting captured in this 1986 documentary. For years, Harding has accused her mother of abuse. She's a good mother, but she's not a good mother. She hits me and she beats me. Reporter: And tonight, we're hearing from Harding's estranged mother, Lavona, a former waitress. I was working right around the clock, morning, noon and night, trying to get the money for her to skate and to have lessons. Reporter: Tonya's mother insists she was no child abuser. I didn't abuse any of my children. Spanked? Yes, spanked. Absolutely, positively. You've got to show them right from wrong. Reporter: But that's not how Tonya remembers it. When I was young, I remember she dragged me into the bathroom and beat me with a hairbrush. Literally. Reporter: What had you done that made your mom go off on you with a hairbrush? Oh, I wasn't landing my jumps perfect. And, if I -- that was it, that's it. One time I spanked her once with a hairbrush at a competition. Stop that. Reporter: But Harding says actress Allison Janney's portrayal of her mother is spot on. I made you a champion, knowing you'd hate me for it. That's the sacrifice a mother makes. Oh, my god. Yes. She was fabulous. Amy tells us that Tonya Harding is a mother herself now, happily married with a 6-year-old boy that she's now teaching to skate. The ABC documentary "Truth and lie lies: The Tonya Harding story" airs tonight, 9:00 P.M. Eastern right here.

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{"id":52294757,"title":"Tonya Harding's estranged mother, Lavona Golden, says she was no child abuser","duration":"2:23","description":"The women's relationship is captured in the film \"I, Tonya.\"","url":"/WNT/video/tonya-hardings-estranged-mother-lavona-golden-child-abuser-52294757","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}