Tornado Outbreak Caught on Camera

Eight tornados reported in Colorado alone as severe weather conditions bring dangerous winds and rain.
1:26 | 06/08/14

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Transcript for Tornado Outbreak Caught on Camera
Now, to the breaking weather headline tonight. Several tornadoes touching down near Denver this Sunday. This is just one of them. You can see the rockies there behind it. Along with the tornadoes, huge hail. And look at the map at this hour. You can see the weather on the move. The bright red there, the most dangerous winds and rain. ABC's Linzie Janis with the pictures coming in now. Reporter: Dodging disaster. In Colorado, another four tornadoes just today. The twisters keep coming. Nine of them in the state since Friday. In Aurora, Colorado, a June hailstorm blanketing the ground with ice. And more twisters in the south. Debris sent spinning by a tornado near St. Louis, Missouri, as a plane flying dangerously close. That plane just flew through that tornado. Reporter: In northwest Alabama, lightning sparking fires. The Texas panhandle drenched with fears of flash flooding. And residents near Roswell, new Mexico, called this their spaceship. A severe type of thunderstorm known as a super cell, swirling in the sky, producing baseball-sized hail and winds strong enough to topple this tent at an outdoor festival. Horrible. Horrible wind. Reporter: Linzie Janis, ABC news, New York. Linzie, thank you. We'll be tracking the threat throughout the night, shifting from the south to east from Dallas to Nashville. Nearly 30 million Americans in the threat zone as we start another work week.

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{"id":24050398,"title":"Tornado Outbreak Caught on Camera","duration":"1:26","description":"Eight tornados reported in Colorado alone as severe weather conditions bring dangerous winds and rain.","url":"/WNT/video/tornado-outbreak-caught-camera-24050398","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}